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Quick Office Procedures

Generally quick office procedures are minimally invasive, in-office procedures performed with gentle numbing techniques brought over from Oxford University, England, without the downtime, expense, bruising, pain, and invasiveness of hospital plastic surgery. Recovery is quicker, and you can be back to your feet without disrupting your work or lifestyle.

QUICK OFFICE FACELIFT: We also call it naturally uplifting (or NU) facelift. It uses a Belgian technique Dr. Jones modified to rejuvenate multiple facial areas with a much less invasive procedure and shorter scars than a traditional facelift. Dr. Jones removes excess skin and fat while tightening the underlying muscles of the face that contribute to aging. Recovery is also quicker than when using traditional facelift techniques.

QUICK OFFICE EYELID SURGERY: This procedure can work wonders for most eyelids starting to droop or when there is the look of tiredness around the eyes. Sagging eyelids are frequently the first sign of the aging process. This is quickly and effectively treated by removing excess fat, loose skin, and muscle from around the eyes for a more refreshed look. In some cases Dr. Jones can accomplish great results with no external skin incision or scar. Most patients return to work within one week, even a few days.

QUICK OFFICE BROWLIFT: This procedure is used to address the mild to moderate signs of aging in the upper region of the face. Aging often shows in the deformity of the brow or the tissues just above the eyebrow. This can quickly be corrected by lifting the brow back to the place where it used to be.

QUICK OFFICE LIPOSUCTION: If you have small areas of fat in the face, knees, inner thighs, or certain other areas. Dr. Jones can treat them safely with mild sedation and local anesthetics in the office. Since Dr. Jones’s studies in 1986 with the inventor of liposuction in Paris, he has been intrigued with the craft of liposuction and has kept improving the methods ever since.

QUICK OFFICE OTOPLASTY: Dr. Jones has been performing otoplasty on deformed ears for thirty years and prefers to do most of these procedures easily and safely in the office. His gentle numbing techniques he learned at Oxford in England and at Johns Hopkins result in minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

QUICK OFFICE BREAST LIFT OR MASTOPEXY: Dr. Jones can accomplish certain types of breast lifts to correct droopy breasts safely and quickly in the office with only local anesthesia (as the dentist does) and possibly a calming agent. It saves going to the hospital and having general anesthesia. Doing this procedure in the office is only applicable from mild to moderate breast deformities.

QUICK OFFICE SCAR REVISIONS: If you have small scars on the face or body, Dr. Jones can most likely improve the look or better camouflage them via a quick and easy office procedure. He may excise the scar and repair it with an advancement flap, rotational flap, Z-plasty, or a running W-plasty. Alternatively Dr. Jones may try to blur the scar into its surrounding skin using microdermabrasion or TCA peel.

QUICK OFFICE FAT TRANSER: The aging face loses fat and starts to droop. Dr. Jones can take small amounts of fat from unwanted areas of the body—typically the abdomen—and transfer it to the desired areas of the face to refresh the look. The areas in the face where fat transfers can be effective include the cheeks, the chin, around the mouth, naso-labial folds and jowls, and even small wrinkles. Dr. Jones has been a pioneer of fat transfer since 1986 and has been improving ever since. Fat transfer has been increasingly popular, especially in connection with a facelift.

QUICK OFFICE FILLERS: Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are used to reduce fine wrinkle lines in the face and the forehead. They give a quick fix to diminish fine lines and are popular office procedures.

QUICK OFFICE CHEMICAL PEELS: Chemical peels tighten the skin and mend fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and the chest. They are used as supplement to normal skin care or facial surgery.

QUICK OFFICE MIDRODERMABRASION: Microdermabrasion works by projecting fine crystals onto the skin to clean and remove dead skin layers. The deep cleansing gives you a more refreshed and clean look without the use of any chemicals. Microdermabrasion is an alternative to chemical peels.

QUICK OFFICE BOTOX: Botox is injected frequently to diminish fine wrinkles in the face by paralyzing the facial muscles that cause contraction wrinkles (which ultimately develop into static wrinkles). This is performed in the office with or without numbing creams prior to injection.

QUICK OFFICE SKINCARE: Over the years, Dr. Jones and his staff have selected what they think are the most effective facial creams. They include Revision, Obagi, and the ultimate—NellyDeVuyst—skin care lines for your convenience.

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