Atlanta Plastic Surgery Prices – Surgical Fee Estimates

We provide our best estimates for the surgical procedures we offer on our website. The only purpose of this is to give you a general idea of the size of your investment or for financing purposes. It is impossible to give exact prices without seeing you in person, because each procedure is individually priced based on the operating time estimate, type of anesthesia required, and the specific techniques used. After your surgery consultation with Dr. Jones, we will be able to give you a personal quote for your surgery.

Each fee covers the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia if applicable
  • Operating room, staff, and supplies
  • Visits before and 1 year after cosmetic surgery

Starting Prices:

NOTE: Please come see us and check our SPECIALS page for current promotions. The dollar amounts below indicate our starting prices only.

FACE Starting at:
Mini Forehead/Temporal Lift $2,550+
Eyelids, Upper $3,000+
Eyelids, Lower $3,000+
Eyelids, Upper and Lower $5,500+
Rhinoplasty $5,200+
Septoplasty $4,700+
Lip Augmentation $3,200+
Otoplasty $2,800 – $8,800
Chin or Cheek Implant $2,400+
Short Scar Facelift, Mini $3,500+
Facelift with Neck Lift (MACS) $6,500+
Face, Neck, Temporal, and Eyelid Lift $10,500+
Face, Neck, and Eyelid Lift $8,000+
BREAST Starting at:
IST Breast Augmentation, Saline $5,090+
Breast Augmentation, Silicone $6,200+
Breast Augmentation with Lift $7,500+
Breast Lift $2,900+
Breast Reduction $7,400+
Male Breast Reduction $4,200+
BODY Starting at:
Liposuction (Per Zone Area) $2,900+
Thigh Lift $7,800+
Tummy Tuck $4,200+
Dermabrasion $1,300 – $4,000
SPA Starting at:
Juvederm $600 per syringe
Botox: 1 Zone $500
Botox: 2 Zones $600
Botox: 3 Zones $700
Medical Grade Skincare Customized per patient


We hope you find this information helpful in starting to think about your investment, in the future you. Please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists or call us at (404) 355-3566 to schedule your consultation to receive an accurate quote designed for your best outcome.