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An Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Can Widen Your Wardrobe Options

9th November 2022
Arm Lift Atlanta GA

Do you shy away from particular garments or cuts because you do not want people to see your arms? It is common for those who feel self-conscious about their arms to avoid wearing specific clothing, even if it means being uncomfortable. For example, you may choose to wear a long-sleeve shirt despite the heat or  … Read more

Achieve a Beach Body Faster with Plastic Surgery

14th July 2022
Body Procedures

Is slow progress preventing you from reaching your body goals before summer? If you can’t shift the weight from dining with family and friends, you may feel like a failure. This is often the result of setting unrealistic goals based on abstaining from fatty or unhealthy indulgences. Life gets in the way, so don’t give  … Read more

When a Pregnancy Body Leaves a Lingering Impression

27th June 2022
A cheerful slim confident woma wearing white swimsuit.

Being pregnant is often a time of trials and tribulations, interspersed with moments of joy. When the baby is born, it will take time to get your body back in shape. For many women, turning to exercise and diet seems like the natural solution. Unfortunately, some of the bodily changes that take place during pregnancy  … Read more

Do Your Saggy Arms Make You Unhappy? An Arm Lift is an Excellent Solution

18th April 2022
Arm Procedures

Various factors can lead to saggy skin hanging from your upper arms, mainly the loss of skin elasticity due to aging and rapid weight loss. Saggy arms can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to wear certain clothes, limiting your wardrobe and lowering self-confidence. Fortunately, an arm lift, or Brachioplasty, can significantly minimize this distressing  … Read more

Should You Do a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction or Both?

2nd March 2022
Body Procedures

A tummy tuck and liposuction are cosmetic surgery procedures that can be done for aesthetic or rehabilitative reasons. You can do either one separately or both simultaneously. Both approaches repair the skin, fat and muscle layers of the abdomen or other body parts. So, what sets these two procedures apart, and how do you know  … Read more

Lost Weight? Get the Figure You Deserve with Body Lift Procedures

1st October 2021
Full Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Losing weight is an amazing achievement for people who have struggled to maintain a slim figure. Unfortunately, the amount of fat that you purge comes with consequences. From stretch marks to loose skin, there are constant reminders of how you looked before. You deserve to feel confident in your body after weight loss. With the  … Read more

Get a Flatter, Tighter Tummy in Atlanta

23rd August 2021
Flat Stomach

Many women experience some level of dissatisfaction with their abdomen after childbirth. Of the approximately 60% of women who will experience an abdominal muscle separation during pregnancy, many will detect a continuing aesthetic abnormality after healing from childbirth. This problem is caused when the diastasis abdominus muscles become separated, known as diastasis recti. The muscles  … Read more

Liposuction From a Plastic Surgery Specialist in Atlanta

17th July 2021
Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Are you concerned about the efficacy of liposuction in Atlanta, GA? Choosing the right surgeon can become a stressful and challenging journey. After you have shortlisted every practice in the state, consider the merits of going with Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Liposuction or lipoplasty are the blanket terms for a body surgery that removes excess  … Read more

Are Minor Blemishes Causing You Major Confidence Issues?

18th May 2021
Female Body Procedures

To others, the blemishes that define how you look may seem minor. However, the way that you feel about your face and body is what’s important. When your confidence is waning due to scars, skin problems or excess fat, it is time to take control. Plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the ideal solution  … Read more

Localized Fat Removal with Laser Liposuction in Atlanta

5th May 2021
Body of Woman

People who work out or diet often find that localized fat deposits are impossible to shift. When you put a lot of effort into your appearance, those fat deposits can negatively impact on your confidence. There is a way to make those final improvements, with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Laser  … Read more