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What You Will Learn from a Plastic Surgery Consultation

26th January 2023
Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation

Before you decide on undergoing plastic surgery procedures, a consultation is recommended. This is your opportunity to learn about different treatment options and potential outcomes. You will also receive expert guidance from an experienced surgeon. Dr. Mark Jones is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with a long list of credentials. Over his 20 years studying  … Read more

Make Your Facelift an Uplifting Experience in Atlanta

12th January 2023
Smiling youthful looking middle-aged woman.

There are various facelift procedures that are used to achieve rejuvenating results. Many patients assume that this type of treatment involves surgery. Indeed, the traditional approach to improving facial features did require extensive surgical modifications. However, modern techniques are much less invasive. Facial rejuvenation outcomes depend on several factors. Your age, skin type, diet and  … Read more

Advanced Approaches for Mommy Makeovers

17th October 2022
Mommy Makeover Atlanta GA

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding all take their toll on the body. The skin and tissues are stretched with the expansion of the abdomen and breasts, often not returning to their previous shape afterward. While motherhood can offer many joys, the stretch marks, loose skin and sagging tissue are not some of them. At Atlanta Plastic  … Read more

Achieve a Beach Body Faster with Plastic Surgery

14th July 2022
Body Procedures

Is slow progress preventing you from reaching your body goals before summer? If you can’t shift the weight from dining with family and friends, you may feel like a failure. This is often the result of setting unrealistic goals based on abstaining from fatty or unhealthy indulgences. Life gets in the way, so don’t give  … Read more

The Nose Knows Rhinoplasty in Atlanta

16th February 2022
Nose Surgery

Many people put off having cosmetic facial surgery because of the recovery time needed before the results are visible, due to swelling and healing time. During the pandemic, hospitals, clinics and surgeries have had to restrict non-life-threatening procedures due to the overwhelming need of covid patients and the vast pressure on our medical staff across  … Read more

Plastic Surgery is Not Reserved for the Rich and Famous

15th January 2022
Smiling WomanWith Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Although times are rapidly changing, there is a persistent myth that plastic surgery is only accessible to the wealthy. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your face or body, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones may have solutions that are within your budget. With all the innovations that have been developed in the past decade  … Read more

Convenient Plastic Surgery

10th November 2021
Facial Treatments

For busy men and women in Atlanta, the prospect of achieving aesthetic goals with plastic surgery feels like a pipe dream. Finding the time to attend appointments, deal with aftercare and go through the recovery process is just too much. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we can help you overcome these barriers with quick office  … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments for Embarrassing Acne Scars

4th June 2021
Acne Scars

Acne scarring can include indents in the skin and discolorations on the surface of the skin. You may have scars on your face reminding you of your teenage years that now interfere with your self-esteem. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones offers expert cosmetic surgery treatments for scars of all types while decreasing the discernability of scarring  … Read more

Is Body Contouring the Same as Body Sculpting in Plastic Surgery?

18th January 2021
Body Sculpting Atlanta GA

The terms “body contouring” and “body sculpting” essentially mean the same thing. Both are used to represent treatments and procedures that change the shape and appearance of the body. As such, these terms are used interchangeably, but are not specific names for any single procedure. Due to the complex medical terminology that properly describes plastic  … Read more

Did Summer Leave You Lacking Confidence in Your Body?

6th October 2020
smiling woman after tummy tuck Atlanta, GA

When the sun is out, a long drive to the beach is worth the effort for most Atlanta residents. Unless, that is, concerns about body image are an overriding factor. From excess weight to sagging skin, visible perceived imperfections can really impact a person’s self-esteem. Health issues aside, there is nothing wrong with carrying a  … Read more