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Ear Trauma and Issues That Plastic Surgery Can Correct

22nd February 2023
Female Ear

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure used on both children and adults to improve the appearance of the ears. An ear that has been destroyed by trauma or cancer treatment, or that is malformed or absent due to a congenital disorder, can be rebuilt. The following are some cosmetic ear issues that can be improved with  … Read more

Improve Your Confidence with Otoplasty for Prominent Ears

20th September 2021
Female Ear

Many variations exist within the concept of a “normal” ear. In general, a normal ear has well-defined structures and a slight angle away from the head. Prominent, or “big” ears, are classified as ears sticking out greater than 25°. But the definition is misleading. What appears prominent varies from person to person, and if the  … Read more

Have You Suffered an Ear Injury from Trauma?

16th September 2020
Ear After Reconstructive Surgery Atlanta, GA

Due to the position and anatomical shape of the ears, they are vulnerable to damage. If you have suffered trauma to an ear as the result of an accident or during sporting activity, reconstruction is possible. Seeking the right treatment plan is important, as not all plastic surgeons specialize in full reconstruction. Damage to the  … Read more

The Balanced Ear Contour

20th August 2020
Ear After Reconstructive Surgery Atlanta, GA

Ears are a prominent feature. When they are abnormally large or protruding excessively, they can cause an individual to feel self-conscious. Children in particular are often victims of teasing or bullying because they look different. Advancements in techniques and technology have made it easier to address this issue. The appearance of large and protruding ears  … Read more

When Gauged Ears No Longer Suit Your Style

18th February 2020
Gauged Ear Repair

Earlobe stretching is by no means new. In some cultures, stretched earlobes are a thing of beauty and have important symbolic meaning. For example, the Maasai of East Africa use stone, bones and wood to stretch their earlobes. In this culture, the earlobes are adorned with beaded earrings and are seen as symbols of respect  … Read more

Otoplasty: Cosmetic Change for Ears

21st January 2020
Ear After Reconstructive Surgery Atlanta, GA

There are celebrities who wear large ears or oddly shaped ears well. These features are part of their charm; however, if you are one of the many people who are not charmed by the way your ears look, you may be considering otoplasty. There are some things you should know before you take the plunge.  … Read more

Ear Reconstruction

2nd July 2019
Ear After Reconstructive Surgery Atlanta, GA

When an ear has been damaged by trauma, cancer or if it has been misshapen from a congenital defect, ear reconstruction is a specialized surgical technique to rebuild and repair it. From microtia repair to otoplasty and other ear defects, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a leading authority in reconstruction of the ear, with unsurpassed skill  … Read more

Ear Damage And Reconstruction

5th April 2019
Ear After Reconstructive Surgery Atlanta, GA

Whether through blunt force trauma or a laceration from an occupational or sports injury, there are multiple causes for outer ear damage, some of which extend to the middle and inner ear. Even so, when the delicate structure of the outer, or visible portion of the ear is damaged, cosmetic surgery is often needed to  … Read more

Ear Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery

29th January 2019
Up Close Pic of Repaired Earlobe Atlanta GA

While ear deformities may be present at birth, they can also develop as a result of trauma to the ear, particularly following accidents, burns, bites or accidental amputation. Given the delicate nature of the ear and its structure, ear reconstruction surgery is one of the biggest challenges in plastic surgery, as noted in a study  … Read more