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Tighten It Up!

3rd August 2020
Body Procedures Atlanta GA

The older you get, the more challenging it is to keep your youthful appearance. Collagen reduction begins after the age of 20, and you start to lose approximately 1% of your collagen production each year. This slowdown accounts for the fine lines and wrinkles that begin to appear around the age of 30. Elastin also  … Read more

Beauty Benefits of Microneedling

7th July 2020
Cosmetic Treatment Atlanta GA

Your appearance greatly affects other people’s perceptions of you. You may be embarrassed by acne scars or wrinkles and want to feel more confident about your appearance. Microneedling can help you look younger and improve the overall look and feel of your skin. Here is everything you need to know about microneedling and its benefits.  … Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Phone Consultation

18th May 2020
Telemedicine Atlanta GA

In the wake of a pandemic, many doctors are switching from face-to-face to online or phone consultation. You can get the most out of your consultation by being prepared in advance. Follow these suggestions and your consultation will provide you the information you need to decide your next steps. Write Down Your Questions You may  … Read more

Get Rid of Those Excessive Skin Tags

13th May 2020
Facelift Procedures

They go by various names, such as cutaneous papilloma, or soft fibroma, but the most common is skin tag. These small, painless outgrowths of soft hanging skin can appear anywhere on the body. Usually they occur sometime after you reach midlife, affecting the majority of people nearing their 70s, and they do not discriminate between genders.  … Read more

Peel Back the Years with a Face Peel

4th March 2020
Facial Peel Atlanta GA

Like an onion, the skin on your face has layers. The top layers of your skin contain dead skin cells. These layers cause fine lines to form, and they make your skin look dull. Chemical exfoliation removes these layers of dead skin to reveal smoother, rejuvenated skin. The Layers of Skin Revealed You skin consists  … Read more

Three Interesting Facts About Skin Tags

18th December 2019
Skin Consultation Atlanta GA

Skin tags are among the top annoying skin disruptions affecting adults. Though they are aesthetically displeasing on the body, they are harmless and usually benign. Skin tags are small, soft outgrowths and they are very common on adult skin. Here are three more interesting facts about these annoying little bumps. Skin Tags Come in All  … Read more

THERMI – What is it?

14th August 2019
Woman with Hand in a V in Front of Face

Radiofrequency (RF) technology to fight our aging process sounds like something from the future. Fortunately for us, this technology is available now and has been around for years. THERMI procedures are minimally or non-invasive and done in a doctor’s office. You are on your way home with no downtime in less than 2 hours depending  … Read more

Quick Cosmetic Procedures: Performed In-Office With Respect To Your Time

18th June 2019
Cosmetic Procedures

While there are a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery options, many individuals are leaning towards minimally invasive treatments that produce natural looking results with no downtime. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C., Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones offers quick cosmetic procedures in-office, with respect to your time. Treatments are performed with gentle numbing techniques  … Read more

Lip Augmentation

3rd May 2019
Close Up of Lips After Augmentation Procedure Atlanta GA

For those in search of a fuller pout, lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure using injectable fillers and/or fat to add shape, structure and volume to thin or aging lips. Though collagen injections and lip implants were predominantly used for many years, today’s lip augmentation procedure uses dermal fillers containing substances similar to that of hyaluronic  … Read more


27th March 2019
Woman Receiving Botox Injections Atlanta GA

There’s no question that American society is obsessed with anti-aging remedies and the idea of “self-care,” as a means to stay forever young. Meanwhile, there has been a growing shift from invasive surgical procedures to less-invasive alternatives, with lunch-time facials, laser therapies and dermal fillers that require little to no downtime. This includes the ever-popular  … Read more