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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening with ThermiTight

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 28th October 2022
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Are you seeing the beginnings of a turkey waddle on your neck? Do you have batwings hanging from your upper arms? Changes to the skin as you get older can create these animal traits that no one wants. Less collagen and elastin in the skin can result in lost elasticity. When combined with weight gain/loss  … Read more

The Path to Looking Younger Has Many Options

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 7th February 2022
Cosmetic Procedures

Some things never seem to change, and one of the most consistent desires is to look younger. As living healthier lifestyles, including fresh diets, working out and cutting back on stressors where possible continue to be life goals, choosing enhancing procedures or treatments to remain younger-looking continue to be popular. Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Options for  … Read more

Tighten It Up!

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 3rd August 2020
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The older you get, the more challenging it is to keep your youthful appearance. Collagen reduction begins after the age of 20, and you start to lose approximately 1% of your collagen production each year. This slowdown accounts for the fine lines and wrinkles that begin to appear around the age of 30. Elastin also  … Read more