Cauliflower Ear

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before and after Cauliflower Ear plastic surgery

Typically caused by blunt force trauma that injures the cartilage of the ear, cauliflower ear is a result of a disruption in blood supply (separating the skin from the cartilage), which forms a large hematoma or pocket of blood. As reported by MedicineNet, when the injury to the ear begins to heal, it can shrivel up and fold in on itself and appear pale, giving it a cauliflower-like appearance. Cauliflower ear is a unique trauma that is commonly associated with wrestlers, boxers or martial artists. Even so, when left untreated, the condition may become a permanent deformity as cartilage tissues in the ear die and succumb to fibrosis. What’s more is that when cartilage is deprived of blood and nutrients, the risk of infection is high.

Symptoms associated with cauliflower ear range from pain, swelling and bruising to more severe manifestations such as ringing in the ear, loss of hearing, headaches or blurred vision. It’s important to understand that when cartilage tissues begin to die, symptoms could disappear. For this reason, individuals with acute ear trauma and symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Early treatment of cauliflower ear usually involves draining the blood from the hematoma and prescribing antibiotics to prevent or treat infection. Even so, many patients are referred to a plastic surgeon for reconstruction of the deformity.

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