Do Your Saggy Arms Make You Unhappy? An Arm Lift is an Excellent Solution

18th April 2022
Arm Procedures

Various factors can lead to saggy skin hanging from your upper arms, mainly the loss of skin elasticity due to aging and rapid weight loss.

Saggy arms can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to wear certain clothes, limiting your wardrobe and lowering self-confidence. Fortunately, an arm lift, or Brachioplasty, can significantly minimize this distressing condition.

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure to lift, shape and tighten the skin that spans from elbow to armpit. The surgery reshapes your upper arms by removing excess skin, creating smoother contours and a more toned, symmetrical appearance.

An Arm Lift is Good for Overall Health

With all that extra skin out of the way, your muscles are visible. Within six weeks of surgery, you should be completely healed and ready to resume your regular workout routine.

Not only will you feel proud to show off your newly-toned arms, but you will also be able to see the exercise results clearly, motivating you to keep up with the routine. Thus, an arm lift can lead to overall better health.

Arm Liposuction and Brachioplasty Simultaneously

You may have to get arm liposuction during your arm lift if you also have excess fat deposits. During the surgery, we would first remove the stubborn fat then contour the region.

Good Arm Lift Candidates

You should be a healthy, non-tobacco-using patient. All nicotine products (including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, vaping, gum and patches) can cause complications. Nicotine slows the healing process, raising the risk of permanent scarring or infections. If you must, quit six weeks before surgery and do not start again until at least six weeks after surgery.

It is best that you maintain a stable weight for at least six months before the surgery if you have recently lost a substantial amount of weight.

Schedule an Appointment and Say Goodbye to Saggy Arms

Today is a better day than any to address those saggy arms. Do not let them make you feel gloomy for even one day more! Contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists to schedule a Brachioplasty consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones. He is a dedicated plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in body contouring. Your arms could not be in better hands.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.