Earlobe Surgery Can Repair Stretched, Split or Torn Earlobes and Reverse Gauged Earlobes

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 8th April 2022

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Gauged Ear Repair

Aging makes everything sag due to the loss of skin elasticity, including your earlobes. Additionally, you may have stretched out your earring holes by wearing heavy earrings for many years.

Or, perhaps, due to some unfortunate accident, your earlobe is split or torn. Such acute trauma occurs when earrings are pulled through the piercing hole, breaking the skin either partially or all the way.

Fortunately, earlobe surgery is a minor procedure that can repair both conditions. Earlobe surgery can also reverse gauged earlobes (intentionally stretched out earring holes).

What is Gauging?

Gauging is a fashion trend that has been in practice worldwide as part of various cultures and dates back to Buddha and the Egyptian Pharaohs. However, it became popular in the mainstream population in the 90s.

If you were among the people that chose to enlarge your earring holes to allow for the wearing of big jewelry in stretched earlobes, but regret that decision now, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones can undo it.

Piercings Are Commonplace

It is common for male and female individuals to have their ears pierced, often as a young child. Some people even have their newborn infants’ ears pierced at the hospital when they are days old. It is not usual practice in the United States, but highly typical in India, Nigeria, Brazil and Hispanic countries.

Naturally, when someone has been wearing earrings since before they can remember, they are more prone to the possibility of something happening like laceration in the lobe, or to the effects of gravity weighing down their jewelry, stretching the skin slowly over time.

Earlobe Surgery is Simple and Effective

Whether you are among the life-long earring wearers whose earlobes are now sagging or you regret having gauged earlobes, we can help. Contact the offices of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists to book a pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Jones and his team. We can discuss surgery options at the meeting and plan how to repair the damage to return your earlobes to their natural size.

Earlobe reconstruction takes less than an hour to complete, and your ears will be back to normal in no time! Schedule that appointment today; you will be so glad you did.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.