Facial Scar Revision

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 11th January 2017

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Atlanta GA Plastic Surgery for Facial ScarsScars on the skin are a natural reaction when trauma or injury has occurred to the body. Falling down and scraping the knees or elbows, surgical procedures, and puncture wounds are common. Many people proudly boast about how certain scars were obtained as though they are “battle wounds” with a good story. However, some scars are more emotionally difficult to deal with, especially if they are visible or disfiguring on or near the face. Facial scars are often difficult to conceal, and they can cause those affected to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance. Many people suffer from scars on the face as a result of severe acne in their younger years; however, other facial scarring occurs as a result of an accident, tragedy, or deformity. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is an expert in facial scar revision as a customized approach for treating those with unwanted or disfiguring scarring on the face.

Scars occur when the skin is wounded, and there is never any way to tell how the skin will heal itself. The placement of an injury, how deep the wound was, the length of the wound, and the severity of an injury will all be determining factors in how the skin will scar. Those with darker pigmentation are more susceptible to disfiguring scars than those with fair skin. Scars can differ in how they develop: being raised, recessed, darker or lighter than the surrounding skin, and they can be any shape or size, even being larger than the initial injury. All scars occur on an individualized basis, and there is typically no way to predict how the skin will heal and develop a scar.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones offers the precise treatment that patients with unsightly facial scars need. Dr. Jones’ qualifications and experience in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery are unparalleled. He has the expertise to create aesthetic results that are natural-looking and ultimately desired. Dr. Jones treats each patient as an individual and creates a customized approach for every surgery that he performs. If you are unhappy with a facial scar that has left you feeling self-conscious or embarrassed, please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today. We look forward to serving you with top-notch plastic and reconstructive surgical care.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.
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