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Changing the shape and position of the chin, Genioplasty involves making a hidden incision inside the lower lip and a precise cut of the chin bone. Also known as chin augmentation, Genioplasty alters the structure of the face, bringing balance and symmetry to facial features. It is considered an elective surgery, as most individuals choose to have it performed to enhance their appearance. Even so, there are various ways in which to conduct a Genioplasty, as reported by Healthline:

  • Advancement, or moving the chin forward
  • Push back, or moving the chin backward
  • Side-to-side, which helps with asymmetrical chins
  • Vertical changes, including making the chin longer or shorter

Chin surgery is a versatile procedure, with options that are personalized to suit a patient’s unique facial shape and preferences. Moreover, there are two general approaches that plastic surgeons take. First, a sliding genioplasty is when a surgeon uses a saw to cut the chin bone away from the rest of the jaw before moving it to a more desired position. This method is often best for those with a chin that sits too far back or too far forward, as well as for those with a long chin (in relation to the rest of the face).

On the other hand, a chin augmentation or implant involves inserting an alloplastic material into the chin area and attaching it to the existing bone. This procedure is best suited for those seeking a larger, more prominent chin. Yet, there is a non-surgical technique using injections that can also reshape the chin by adding body fat to the area.

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