Improve Your Confidence with Otoplasty for Prominent Ears

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 20th September 2021

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Many variations exist within the concept of a “normal” ear. In general, a normal ear has well-defined structures and a slight angle away from the head. Prominent, or “big” ears, are classified as ears sticking out greater than 25°. But the definition is misleading. What appears prominent varies from person to person, and if the protrusion of your ears is causing you anxiety, embarrassment or creating a lack of self-confidence, otoplasty for prominent ears can help create a balanced and proportionate appearance.

What Causes Prominent or Big Ears?

If the top of your ear is protruding, you may have an underdeveloped antihelical fold. If the fold is flatter than it is rounded, it can make your ears look more prominent.

When the middle of your ear protrudes, you may have a deep concha. The concha is the depression above the opening to your ear canal. If this area is deeply recessed, it can cause the rim of the ear to stick out.

Earlobes can also stick out from the head or angle in the wrong direction. It’s possible to have more than one reason for prominent ears.

Otoplasty for Prominent Ears

To correct prominent ears, otoplasty creates an incision along the ear’s crease. Placing few incisions in the natural contours of the ear leaves little trace of the surgery. The surgeon then reshapes the ears, taking great care to ensure they don’t overcorrect the problem. Setting the ear back to where it no longer sticks out but maintains a slight distance from the side of the head is the most natural look.

The surgeon can often address other cosmetic ear concerns at the same time as the prominent ear otoplasty.

Atlanta Otoplasty Corrects Prominent Ears

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is nationally recognized as an authority in otoplasty. He will examine your entire face shape and develop a plan to create a natural result. By combining your preferences with his experience to determine the most realistic options, you will be well-informed, know what to expect and get the results you desire.

If prominent ears are an ongoing concern for you, book a consultation with Dr. Jones at our Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists office today.

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