Is a QuickLift Mini Facelift Right for You?

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th February 2021

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A QuickLift mini facelift can provide similar results to a traditional facelift, but not as dramatic. Results can include a smoother neckline, a more defined jawline and cheeks and tightened jowls. There are some key differences between the two and knowing what they are can help you determine which would be best.

Shorter Recovery

If you don’t have as much time available to recover from a facelift procedure, then a mini facelift could be the better option. With a QuickLift, many patients get back to their daily routines in just a few days and most are showing off their results after just one week.

Less Expensive

A mini facelift is also a less expensive procedure, making it the ideal option for those who aren’t able to invest in traditional surgery. Depending on the desired results, a QuickLift can be a fraction of the cost.

Less Invasive

QuickLift procedures can be done in the office, which means they are much less invasive than a traditional facelift. A less invasive procedure may also be ideal for older patients or those who have higher risks when undergoing a longer and more extensive surgery.

Less Dramatic Changes

Being less invasive, a QuickLift may not provide more dramatic changes. However, that may be exactly what you need. For those who need just a bit of lift after starting to see some sagging, especially in the neckline and jowls, a mini lift could be the more appropriate choice.

Touchups After a Previous Facelift

If you’ve already had a facelift, a mini lift might be the perfect option as a touchup. It can be used to provide a little more lift in areas where you’ve experienced slight sagging over time since the first surgery.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Mark Jones and discuss your options, call his Atlanta offices today. You can learn more about the QuickLift procedure and if this or a more conventional facelift would be the better choice for you.

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