Is Body Contouring the Same as Body Sculpting in Plastic Surgery?

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 18th January 2021

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Body Sculpting Atlanta GA

The terms “body contouring” and “body sculpting” essentially mean the same thing. Both are used to represent treatments and procedures that change the shape and appearance of the body. As such, these terms are used interchangeably, but are not specific names for any single procedure.

Due to the complex medical terminology that properly describes plastic surgery procedures, terms that are more easily understood by the layperson are preferred by doctors in the field. Body contouring or sculpting immediately creates a visual that most people can understand.

Body Aesthetics & Features

Any procedure that results in improvements to body aesthetics may be accurately described using these common umbrella labels. For instance, liposuction is used to remove excess fat, but is not the same as a breast augmentation procedure. However, both are rightfully described as body sculpting procedures due to how they affect physical appearance.

How a plastic surgeon describes a particular procedure will usually have more to do with how the patient imagines outcomes. Contouring often inspires thoughts of changes in shape, whereas sculpting suggests definition. How each individual interprets these terms is subjective to an extent, which is why most plastic surgeons use both in promotional and advertising literature.

Plastic Surgery Consultation

Patients interested in body sculpting or contouring will gain more valuable insight on the most appropriate treatment options from a professional consultation. Dr. Mark Jones is able to tailor guidance based on desired outcomes. No matter which name best describes any particular procedure, the important issue for patients at his Atlanta, GA office is the final aesthetic.

If you have questions about the terms used to describe any cosmetic treatment or procedure, turn to the experts. Call to book an appointment with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones for patient-guided treatment from a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Georgia.

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