Men and Facial Plastic Surgery

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones,

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Male plastic surgery

Millions of men have turned to facial plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their face. In the last decade alone, the percentage of male plastic surgery patients has grown dramatically. The cosmetic goals of most male patients fall under the following criteria: create a more “masculine” appearance, create balance between the nose and the face, balance the facial profile, and create a more rejuvenated appearance. Men often face the risk of greater complications due to facial hair, a thinning hair line, and thicker skin. Because of the necessity to fully understand the dynamics of the male face, it is vital that male patients seek out a trusted, highly certified, and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, understands the structure of male facial skin. One of the major considerations when performing male facial cosmetic surgery is that the skin has a richer blood supply than female skin. This causes men to bleed more during surgery, and it also presents the complication for a greater risk of blood pooling under the skin. It is vital that male cosmetic patients rely on a surgeon who understands the specifications of male plastic surgery.

Another significant consideration for men is that they often find it more difficult to hide scarring on their face without growing considerable facial hair (which often defeats the purpose of having a cosmetic procedure). When discussing options for cosmetic surgery, it is important for men to ask questions regarding any visible scars that will develop after surgery. Men must also look toward the future, as hair loss is quite common with age. Men who have a facelift in their 30s or 40s must consider that scars at the hairline may become obvious when they begin to lose hair and develop a receding hairline.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones understands the unique composition of male facial skin and the structure that is unique to a man’s face. Dr. Jones will listen closely to your concerns or dissatisfactions and the goals you have regarding surgery. Dr. Jones will thoroughly evaluate your entire head-face-neck region in order to take in the full scope of how facial plastic surgery will best suit your needs.

The highest priority for anyone considering facial plastic surgery is to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with a high reputation. For men, they must also choose a surgeon who is qualified and highly practiced in male facial plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a renowned plastic surgeon that men can trust for exceptional results and dedicated care.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.
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