Microtia: “Little Ear”

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 5th September 2018

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Woman After Microtia Surgery

Derived from the Latin words “micro” and “otia,” Microtia means “little ear,” and is a congenital ear deformity in which the outer ear does not fully develop during the early stages of pregnancy. According to Stanford Children’s Health, Microtia typically develops in one ear, usually the right ear, and is more commonly seen in males. Additionally, the ear defect usually involves the absence of the ear canal, or an extremely narrow ear canal.

For the most part, Microtia is classified according to the size of the ear present, or the parts that are missing or underdeveloped. For example, a grade 1 deformity describes an ear that is smaller than normal. While key features are still present, they are usually altered or formed differently. A grade 2 Microtia is one where two-thirds of the ear is present, but the ear canal is extremely narrow (canal stenosis). As the most common type, a grade 3 Microtia is one with a single feature, and this is usually the size of a peanut. As such, there is no ear canal. Finally, though rarely seen, a grade 4 Microtia is a complete absence of the external portion of the ear.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones – Pioneer And Innovator In Microtia Surgery

As a pioneer in Microtia surgery, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has a deep understanding of ear deformities and ear related disorders. While most plastic surgeons receive minimal training on such, Dr. Jones has spent ten years in ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgery and training. In turn, Dr. Jones realizes the emotional impact of those needing surgery, and how a successful ear repair can produce tremendous social and psychological benefits for all patients.

Dr. Jones has developed innovative Microtia repair techniques that continue to provide remarkable results. An example is Integrated Cartilage Graft (ICG), which prevents ear distortion during the healing process. Another technique is the Wrap Around Earlobe (WAE), which creates a natural-looking hanging earlobe. On the other hand, the Juxtaposition Ear (JE) technique involves using a part of an existing ear and pairing it with grafted cartilage tissue, and the Bespoke Ear (BE) describes the personalized precision and technique used by Dr. Jones to establish a mirror-image ear.

With continual contributions to the field of Microtia surgery, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a trusted Atlanta plastic and reconstructive surgeon. To speak with Dr. Jones about Microtia surgery, call Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.
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