Plastic Surgery to Purge Flaws from Your Teenage Years

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 11th October 2021

  Filed under: Facial Surgery, Scar Revision

Facial Examination

Do you often lament choices made during your teenage years? For many adults, these regrets often involve body modifications that became permanent fixtures. If you now see facial, body or ear piercings as youthful mistakes, plastic surgery can repair the damage.

Unfortunately, not all teenage flaws are the result of poor decision-making. For instance, acne is an affliction that is suffered by the majority of young people. For some, significant scarring represents a reminder of a time of feeling socially awkward or lack of confidence.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones understands the struggle of becoming an adult and wanting to leave childish things behind. What you once considered cool could now get in the way of personal and professional growth. To help you take the first steps on your new path in life, turn to Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists for corrective treatment options.

Visible Piercings

Most standard piercings go largely unnoticed due to the small size of the puncture hole. Individuals who opted for larger piercings, such as stretching plugs, are left with a highly visible body modification. These holes do not typically heal naturally. Consult with Dr. Jones to discuss earlobe repair options.

Facial piercings are another type of personal expression that is often outgrown when teenagers become adults. Once piercings are permanently removed, visible scarring may not fade without intervention. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists can offer effective and affordable solutions.

Acne Scar Revision

Do you suffer from lack of confidence due to highly visible acne scars? Whether these visible scars are on the face or body, they serve as a constant reminder of your teenage struggles. Dr. Jones offers a range of treatment options designed to reduce or eliminate the impact of scarring.

Z-Plasty and other revision strategies can make most scars virtually disappear. As a skilled plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Dr. Jones will always recommend the least invasive and most cost-effective treatment plans for his patients.

Find out which treatments are best suited to your needs by booking a consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones today. We look forward to supporting you through your final transition to adulthood.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.