Thigh Lift

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones,

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lipogeneralThe weather is still quite chilly here in Atlanta, but it is never too early to start thinking about shorts and bathing suit season. The thighs tend to be a problem area for many women as they age. Not only do most women have to battle with cellulite, but many women also battle with sagging, crepe-like skin on their thighs. This sagging skin is typically caused by one of two reasons:

  1. a woman has lost a significant amount of weight, and she has excess, hanging skin on her legs (and often other areas of the body);
  2. it is simply in a woman’s genetics.

Both of these causes can be extremely flexible because no amount of diet or exercise will resolve the problem. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is a recognized national leader when it comes to body lift procedures. He uses the latest techniques and customizes his approach to meet the needs and goals of each patient.

Thigh lift surgery is different than liposuction because it is not considered a weight loss method. In fact, patients should be at or close to their ideal or desired weight before the procedure is performed. A thigh lift will produce relatively immediate results as excess skin and layers of fat beneath the sagging skin are removed. Remaining tissues are then tightened to create a more aesthetically pleasing contour of the leg. This surgery can provide exceptional results, leaving women feeling more confident showing off their legs.

Dr. Jones considers each patient as a beautiful work of art, creating extraordinary results that are natural in appearance. As with all truly great cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones understands that cosmetic surgery is one part a medical procedure and one part an artistic procedure. He has a trained, artistic eye to reveal the elegance and beauty inside every patient. Contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists to schedule a consultation to discuss thigh lift surgery or any of our body lift procedures. Dr. Jones is considered an expert among colleagues across the United States. He can help you eliminate and tighten the excess skin on your legs for a more attractive appearance.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.
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