Three Interesting Facts About Skin Tags

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones,

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Skin tags are among the top annoying skin disruptions affecting adults. Though they are aesthetically displeasing on the body, they are harmless and usually benign. Skin tags are small, soft outgrowths and they are very common on adult skin. Here are three more interesting facts about these annoying little bumps.

Skin Tags Come in All Sizes

Early in development, skin tags may be flat but raised from the skin and only the size of a pin head. Most grow to be 2mm to 5mm in diameter, which is approximately a third to about half the size of a pencil eraser. Some may grow larger, reaching the size of a grape. Large skin tags can be the size of a prune or about 5 cm in diameter.

The cause for these growths is not clear, but it is thought they are the result of skin rubbing against skin. It appears that they develop when thick pieces of skin trap collagen and blood vessels. This is also a reason why cutting them off is not advised, since they tend to bleed profusely.

Weight Is a Factor

Even though anyone can expect to have a skin tag at some point in life, they are most prevalent among those who are middle-aged and overweight. Children and toddlers can get them, usually around the neck or armpit, but they are not common among this age group. Obese people seem to have more skin tags than the average person. This could be because of the folds of skin rubbing together, though it is also thought that other factors like insulin resistance and genetics may play a role as well.

Skin Tag Removal Is a Cosmetic Procedure

Since they do not pose any threats to health, removal of skin tags is considered a cosmetic procedure. What this means in terms of insurance is that the procedure is not covered. Getting your skin tags removed is an out-of-pocket expense. There are several home treatments that can be used in the attempt to get rid of them; however, medical treatment is the safest and most efficient way to remove them.

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