Tummy Tuck For A Toned Abdomen

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones,

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Girl After a Tummy Tuck Atlanta GA

Though it may seem that excessive exercise and strict dieting would help individuals achieve the flat, toned tummy that they want, this is not always true. In turn, even slim individuals can develop a tummy or abdomen that protrudes. Fortunately, continued advancements in plastic surgery techniques and maneuvers have made it possible to help individuals obtain the toned abdomen that they strive for. This popular procedure is called a tummy tuck, but is also referred to as abdominoplasty. By removing excess fat and/or skin, a tummy tuck creates a toned abdomen that is smooth and firm.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains that natural aging, heredity, pregnancy, prior surgery and significant fluctuations in weight contribute to sagging, loose skin on the abdomen. This supports the earlier claim that even those of a normal body weight can have a “pouch” or abdomen that bulges. Thus, a tummy tuck is a highly individualized procedure, and includes a consideration of a patient’s unique family and medical history. Even so, the best candidates for abdominoplasty are nonsmokers that are physically healthy and at a stable weight. Furthermore, candidates must have realistic expectations about what a tummy tuck will accomplish for them.

While tummy tuck procedures have been performed for many years, each surgeon assumes a different approach to surgery, depending on their education and skill level. This is why choosing a reputable surgeon is critical to a patient’s safety, results and recovery. With substantial training and decades of experience both abroad and state side, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has developed a unique approach to abdominoplasty with an exclusive “no-drain-no-pain tummy tuck.” This innovative method eliminates the use of drains and minimizes complications associated with loose skin, increased fat and a bulging abdominal wall. Skin excision is customized, while a combination of open and closed wound liposuction guarantees the removal of undesired fatty tissues. In turn, by using a distinct internal girdle suturing technique, Dr. Jones is able to tighten the deeper abdominal structures to establish a firmer, fit abdomen.

At his practice, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones continues to elicit beautiful results in tummy tuck surgery, with minimal complications. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones, call today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.
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