When Gauged Ears No Longer Suit Your Style

18th February 2020
Gauged Ear Repair

Earlobe stretching is by no means new. In some cultures, stretched earlobes are a thing of beauty and have important symbolic meaning. For example, the Maasai of East Africa use stone, bones and wood to stretch their earlobes. In this culture, the earlobes are adorned with beaded earrings and are seen as symbols of respect and wisdom. Once a popular cultural norm, the custom is fading due to Western influences.

Meanwhile in Western cultures, as a fashion trend, earlobe stretching is still a popular choice. Although for some, there comes a time when, for one reason or another, the decision is made to close the hole. Whether the hole closes naturally or needs to be repaired with surgery depends on the circumstances.

Natural or Surgical Closure

Some piercings will close naturally. If the hole is no more than six millimeters in diameter and less than a year has passed since healing, it might close on its own. Jewelry or tapers need to be removed and the process may take a while. Larger holes and those that have been healed for long periods of time will require surgery to close.

Surgical closure may leave some scarring. Depending on the amount of stretching involved, excess earlobe tissue may need to be removed in order to make the repair. Relying on a qualified plastic surgeon who has experience in this area is vital to ensuring you get the results you want with a minimum of scarring.

Considering Gauged Earlobe Repair?

This fashion trend is still very popular, especially with the wide variety of interesting and eye-catching jewelry and plugs available. Gauged earlobes are popular with all ages and groups. People are making a point of expressing their individuality with this method of body modification.

For those individuals who no longer desire to be a part of this trend, or find themselves at a crossroad between fashion and furthering career options, gauged earlobe repair may be the solution. If you are considering reversing the damage caused by gauged earlobes, contact Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Jones to discuss your options.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.