Atlanta Botox Skin Rejuvenation

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is a leading expert in BOTOX® Cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments. We are pleased to offer this quick and effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment to patients in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

When it comes to achieving natural looking results, the single most important factor is the expertise of the person administering BOTOX® Cosmetic. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has been using BOTOX® Cosmetic since it first became available on the market. As a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he has the training and experience needed to expertly administer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections that result in a natural looking, refreshed and more youthful appearance.

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If you want to look younger and more refreshed without undergoing plastic surgery, you may be a good candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX® Cosmetic is highly effective and is commonly used to soften or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin into areas surrounding the eyes and the forehead to smooth crow’s feet, frown and worry lines. Made from a purified protein called botulinum toxin, BOTOX® injections block nerve impulses, thus weakening the muscles that are responsible for the undesired wrinkles, giving the face a fresh, youthful look.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Jones knows exactly where to administer the injections to relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles. He will carefully examine your facial features and muscular structure to determine the optimal locations for BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections will not radically change your appearance or make you look like you have been “worked on”. Because it is highly localized and administered intramuscularly, its effects are usually confined only to the injected region. BOTOX® Cosmetic does not remain in your body indefinitely.

With BOTOX® Cosmetic, no anesthesia is required, and the procedure takes only about ten minutes. Discomfort is minimal and brief. Indeed, many patients compare their BOTOX® experience to a bug bite. However, Dr. Jones administers BOTOX® such that he first tricks the pain receptor nerves so that the patient hardly feels the injections. Most patients return to work or normal activity immediately following the treatment. The results start taking effect after about 48 hours after the injection and last between 3-4 months. At that time, the BOTOX® injections can be repeated.

What is Botox?

If you would like to get more information about what BOTOX® Cosmetic is and to find out if you are a candidate, please contact our Atlanta Botox Skin Rejuvenation Specialists today. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best.