Tumescent Liposuction

If you are unable to get rid of contours and fat deposits with diet or exercise, tumescent liposuction is available from Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. This common cosmetic procedure is less intrusive than a standard liposuction procedure and recovery is faster. Dr. Jones is an expert plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Patients can benefit from his skills and knowledge, with overall better outcomes from procedures like tumescent liposuction.

If you have fat deposits anywhere in your body that are proving impossible to shed, tumescent liposuction may provide an effective treatment solution. These fat deposits can persist in the face, neck, chin, breasts, midsection and other noticeable areas. Patients who are suffering from body image issues as a result of excess fat can regain confidence after tumescent liposuction.

Dr. Jones will consult with you to discuss the suitability of treatment and your body shape goals. We understand the struggles that our patients face when it comes to shedding fat. All recommendations at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists are based on the best possible outcomes for the patient. If tumescent liposuction is a procedure that you feel will help you regain a positive body image, reach out to our offices today.

Excess Fat Removal Treatments

There are several potential treatments for removing excess fat, including tumescent liposuction. Each patient faces unique challenges when it comes to body shape and weight control. A highly experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jones is best placed to make treatment recommendations. Variations of abdominoplasty are largely attributed to the techniques that the surgeon uses. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, treatment is individualized to the patient’s specific needs.

All the treatments that Dr. Jones offers to his patients are subject to a consultation at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. However, we also believe in patient-guided treatment, so your input is an important part of the process. Ideal outcomes are achievable when the right procedures are matched to the aesthetic goals of the patient.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise and a proper diet are not always enough to remove unwanted fat. In fact, for many patients, fat deposits result from an underlying medical condition, such as benign fatty tumors or lipomas. In these cases, the only viable option is to seek treatment from a professional, such as a plastic surgeon who specializes in providing tumescent liposuction and similar solutions.

Plastic Surgery Consultation in Atlanta

If you are considering any plastic surgery, including tumescent liposuction, it is important to consult with an experienced surgeon. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is double board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. With 20 years of experience that includes education, practice and teaching, you won’t find a better surgeon anywhere in Georgia.

The benefits of a plastic surgery consultation are numerous. You can discuss body image goals with a passionate surgeon who will understand your vision. For many patients, articulating what they want to achieve is often difficult. Dr. Jones has the necessary experience to help you put into words the results you desire from any procedure available at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. During your consultation, myths and misconceptions about plastic surgery can be laid to rest. If there are any barriers to pursuing beneficial treatment options, Dr. Jones is more than happy to discuss your concerns and offer guidance. Every patient comes to our offices with unique life experiences, which is why you will always receive individualized care at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists.

To book your consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, reach out to the offices of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today.