Is a QuickLift Mini Facelift Right for You?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th February 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

A QuickLift mini facelift can provide similar results to a traditional facelift, but not as dramatic. Results can include a smoother neckline, a more defined jawline and cheeks and tightened jowls. There are some key differences between the two and knowing what they are can help you determine which would be best. Shorter Recovery If  … Read more

5 Reasons for Arm Lift Surgery

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 1st February 2021
Arm Lift Atlanta GA

Arm lift surgery, or Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that can resize and reshape your arms. More defined arms, especially upper arms, can help you feel comfortable wearing your favorite clothes. There are many other reasons for arm lift surgery, but let’s look at the top five. Extra Fat and Skin The most common reason  … Read more

Is Body Contouring the Same as Body Sculpting in Plastic Surgery?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 18th January 2021
Body Sculpting Atlanta GA

The terms “body contouring” and “body sculpting” essentially mean the same thing. Both are used to represent treatments and procedures that change the shape and appearance of the body. As such, these terms are used interchangeably, but are not specific names for any single procedure. Due to the complex medical terminology that properly describes plastic  … Read more

A Natural Uplift Facelift is Not a Predefined Cosmetic Treatment

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 5th January 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

Both male and female patients can opt for a natural uplift facelift from Dr. Mark Jones at his Atlanta, GA offices. Rather than thinking of this treatment as a predefined procedure, patients should expect to benefit from the extensive skills that Dr. Jones brings to the table. Facial anatomy is unique in all cases, which  … Read more

Will I Ever Get My Body Shape Back After Surgery?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 16th December 2020
Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Certain surgeries leave significant scarring, loose skin and can change the shape of your body. These visible imperfections may impact a person’s confidence. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel with effective plastic surgery procedures. If you are left feeling less than confident in your body shape and appearance after a surgery,  … Read more

Breast Reduction for Men with Gynecomastia

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 1st December 2020
Male Plastic Surgery Atlanta GA

Breast appearance can be a concern for both women and men, but for different reasons. While women may seek plastic surgery to reshape, lift or augment their breasts, men with gynecomastia are concerned with the appearance of excess breast tissue. Millions of men and teenage males are impacted by gynecomastia each year and some choose  … Read more

Are You Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 17th November 2020
Full Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Motherhood is the toughest job on the planet. The body and face of a mother often tells a tale of years dedicated to childcare. From removing excess weight to facelifts, there are several areas where a mommy makeover can help mothers achieve total rejuvenation. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer a combination of treatments  … Read more

Is Gifting Plastic Surgery Considered Rude?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 5th November 2020
Beautiful Face Procedures Atlanta GA

Gifting plastic surgery is not inherently rude. How you go about paying for procedures is the key issue. First and foremost, it’s probably not a good idea to book someone for a consultation as a surprise. Cosmetic treatments are typically elective, so getting the person’s permission is essential. Second, you should only consider gifting plastic  … Read more

Body Aesthetics and Weight Loss

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th October 2020
Girl After a Tummy Tuck Atlanta GA

How you feel about your body will most definitely inform life choices. Denying the fact that you are unhappy with your body can impact mental health. When body aesthetics are important to you, consider making changes that are empowering. The body is one of the most visual aspects of self-perception. What we see is important,  … Read more

Did Summer Leave You Lacking Confidence in Your Body?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 6th October 2020
smiling woman after tummy tuck Atlanta, GA

When the sun is out, a long drive to the beach is worth the effort for most Atlanta residents. Unless, that is, concerns about body image are an overriding factor. From excess weight to sagging skin, visible perceived imperfections can really impact a person’s self-esteem. Health issues aside, there is nothing wrong with carrying a  … Read more