Help with Anti-Aging

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 14th June 2021
Facelift Procedures

While it is not possible to completely reverse aging, you can slow it down by living a healthy lifestyle as you get older, and by using treatments that help slow the physical signs of aging. At a young age, your body can repair damaged cells. As you get older, the skin’s repair system is not  … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments for Embarrassing Acne Scars

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 4th June 2021
Acne Scars

Acne scarring can include indents in the skin and discolorations on the surface of the skin. You may have scars on your face reminding you of your teenage years that now interfere with your self-esteem. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones offers expert cosmetic surgery treatments for scars of all types while decreasing the discernability of scarring  … Read more

Are Minor Blemishes Causing You Major Confidence Issues?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 18th May 2021
Female Body Procedures

To others, the blemishes that define how you look may seem minor. However, the way that you feel about your face and body is what’s important. When your confidence is waning due to scars, skin problems or excess fat, it is time to take control. Plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the ideal solution  … Read more

Localized Fat Removal with Laser Liposuction in Atlanta

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 5th May 2021
Body of Woman

People who work out or diet often find that localized fat deposits are impossible to shift. When you put a lot of effort into your appearance, those fat deposits can negatively impact on your confidence. There is a way to make those final improvements, with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Laser  … Read more

Who Can You Trust for a “Behind-the-Muscle” Breast Augmentation in Atlanta?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th April 2021
Woman With Breast Augmentation

There are two common methods that are used in a breast augmentation: on top of the muscle or behind the muscle. The latter is considered the best option for longer-lasting results. When you choose to have a breast augmentation with the implant placed behind the muscle, it is important to find an experienced and accomplished  … Read more

You Can Augment Your Body Image with Empowering Plastic Surgery

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 7th April 2021
Woman Strolling on the Beach After Liposuction Treatment inAtlanta GA

How you view your body is an essential factor in levels of confidence, self-esteem and personal achievement. For many Atlanta residents, unflattering comments can throw up barriers or result in feelings of negativity. Plastic surgery is often viewed as a solution based on ego, but nothing could be further from the truth in most cases.  … Read more

The Great Exchange 

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 17th March 2021
Woman's Body Ready For Plastic Surgery

How does removal of stubborn fat in an unappealing part of your body and replacing it in an area that you would appreciate added fullness sound? Dr. Mark Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is your reliable, skilled source for cosmetic fat transfer, or liposuction. You may have questions regarding the outcome or what this  … Read more

Wrinkles… Cause and Effect

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 8th March 2021
Botox Injections Atlanta GA

Are wrinkles a sign of youthfulness long gone or an artistic playing field of expressions? it may be a little of both. Have you ever wondered why we get wrinkles on the face and not on the forearm or leg? The reason behind this has to do with an incredibly unique relationship that the facial  … Read more

Is a QuickLift Mini Facelift Right for You?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th February 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

A QuickLift mini facelift can provide similar results to a traditional facelift, but not as dramatic. Results can include a smoother neckline, a more defined jawline and cheeks and tightened jowls. There are some key differences between the two and knowing what they are can help you determine which would be best. Shorter Recovery If  … Read more

5 Reasons for Arm Lift Surgery

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 1st February 2021
Arm Lift Atlanta GA

Arm lift surgery, or Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that can resize and reshape your arms. More defined arms, especially upper arms, can help you feel comfortable wearing your favorite clothes. There are many other reasons for arm lift surgery, but let’s look at the top five. Extra Fat and Skin The most common reason  … Read more