Laser Lipo Specialist

If you are struggling to shed pockets of fat with diet and exercise alone, a laser lipo procedure is available from Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists that can help. Laser fat removal is proven to help smooth out problematic fatty bulges.

Innovations in liposuction methods are rapidly changing how plastic surgeons approach treatment recommendations. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones uses laser technology at his Georgia offices to offer patients better aesthetic outcomes. Pockets of fat can have a negative impact on body image, which ultimately leads to a loss of confidence. Laser lipo is one of many procedures that Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists uses to help improve the general well-being of our patients.

Patients can attend a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Jones to discuss the suitability of laser lipo at his Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists offices. You will have the opportunity to further discuss treatment outcomes and timelines.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser-assisted liposuction uses laser energy to target pockets of fat. Dr. Jones inserts a thin tube known as a cannula under the skin to break down and remove fatty tissue. The procedure is carried out under a local anesthetic and is considered a minimally invasive treatment option. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists offers laser liposuction as an outpatient alternative to traditional liposuction.

You may experience bruising and tenderness around the targeted area after the treatment. The risk of scarring or infection with laser liposuction is minimal. Recovery time can take several weeks, and Dr. Jones will make recommendations related to returning to work and leisure activities.

Although the fat has been removed at the point of treatment, you will not see results immediately due to swelling. Once the swelling has eased, patients should expect to see smoother and tighter skin around the treated area. Many patients opt for laser liposuction in order to avoid invasive cosmetic surgery.

Treatment Areas

Laser liposuctions can be used on most localized areas of the face and body. The procedure is popularly used to remove persistent fatty deposits that are typically found around the neck, abdomen or hips. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an expert in the field of body sculpting. If you are struggling to lose weight, laser liposuction at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists may help you boost your efforts.

Dr. Jones is passionate about recommending the most appropriate treatments to his patients. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists wants to help you achieve your body shape goals. If you are a suitable candidate for laser liposuction, the procedure can be carried out quickly and effectively at our Georgia offices.

We may advise patients to combine treatments for better results. Further tightening of the skin is a complementary treatment to laser liposuction. The procedure can also lead to increased collagen production, which tightens the skin naturally. However, you can always trust Dr. Jones to provide the best treatment guidance for your needs.

Laser Liposuction Consultation in Atlanta

Patients are welcome to book a comprehensive consultation with Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today. Discussing your cosmetic treatment goals with Dr. Jones will provide further insight into the procedures available at our Atlanta offices. We want to ensure that our patients are fully educated on potential outcomes, recovery needs and costs.

There is no obligation to continue with treatment after your consultation. Dr. Jones and his team are committed to patient-guided treatment. You are in control throughout your journey with Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Our focus is on providing patients with all the information they need to choose the most appropriate procedures for improved aesthetics.

Would you like to learn more about laser liposuction? Book a consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today.