Atlanta Tummy Tuck

If you desire a tummy tuck in Atlanta and want a surgeon who utilizes the most innovative techniques, you can turn to Atlanta Tummy Tuck Specialist Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. To eliminate the typical complications associated with a tummy tuck procedure and to address the dilemmas of lost muscle tone and increased abdominal contents, Dr. Jones has come up with “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck”. In this approach, Dr. Jones has synthesized the best he has learned from his ten years of training at Stanford Medical Center and at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and from careful introspection of his own work since opening his private practice in 1989. The result is a proven technique that minimizes complications while at the same time optimizing the final result.

Dr. Jones Tummy Tuck Innovations

Atlanta Tummy Tuck Specialist, Dr. Jones’ has come up with tummy tuck innovations that include three key elements that serve to minimize complications and remove exactly and all the undesired fat tissue while optimizing the final look and feel. First, a careful customization of the skin excision to helps to minimize complications. The length, the depth, the direction, and the shape of the skin excision make all the difference in the outcome. Since each patient is unique, it takes an experienced and skilled surgeon to determine the optimal excision.

Second, Dr. Jones uses of both the traditional, or closed, wound and the less common open wound liposuction to accurately remove all the undesired fatty tissue. Atlanta Tummy Tuck expert Dr. Jones complements the two types of liposuction with solid probe ultrasound/laser. The closed wound liposuction is where the surgeon sucks out the fatty tissue from under the skin with a thin tube. The open wound liposuction is where the surgeon makes an incision to open the area to be able to see where the fatty tissue has accumulated and then proceeds to shape the area. Dr. Jones takes advantage of both methods, allowing for more accurate removal of the unwanted fat tissue. Once he completes the closed liposuction and the solid probe ultrasound to remove the bulk of the unwanted fat, Dr. Jones employs open liposuction to directly and individually thin and sculpture the fatty layers. Open liposuction also allows for greater control and retention of blood vessels (less bleeding) and the lymphatic system (less seroma).

Third, Dr. Jones employs a unique internal girdle suturing technique to tighten the deeper abdominal wall structures for a fit look. This method accomplishes a strong, controllable strengthening and tightening of the loose abdominal wall. Dr. Jones does not place permanent sutures that the patient can feel years down the road.

In summary, the “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck” eliminates the use of drains and minimizes the complications when addressing the first three abdominal dilemmas—loose skin, increased fat, and bulging abdominal wall. In addition, Dr. Jones’ suturing technique addresses the last two abdominal dilemmas that are not resolved with the standard tummy tuck techniques—loss of muscle tone and increased abdominal contents. Atlanta Tummy Tuck Specialist Dr. Jones believes that his over 30 years of surgery experience has given him the insight and the judgment to customize each surgery in such a way that the outcome is optimized and the complications are minimized.

Types of No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tucks

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is pleased to offer a variety of different types of “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tucks”. Dr. Jones divides his tummy tuck techniques into six distinct categories that he then calibrates further based on the extent of the various dilemmas in the abdominal area, the patient’s age, overall health, lifestyle, and body type. The six categories, Type I-VI, are easily distinguished by the type of skin excision employed. In each type of tummy tuck, Dr. Jones excises a different amount of skin and a employs combination of closed and open liposuction so that the fat tissue removed and the resulting scar are individualized.

Type I is a simple, closed liposuction with 2-3 puncture like incisions (Figure 1). Type II (Figure 2) encompasses a mini incision allowing for some skin excision and tightening of the abdominal wall. For demonstration purposes, the liposuction area in Types I-VI remains the same, as seen in the below illustrations. The skin area excised and the resulting scar on each type increases with each higher numbered type. Using Type III approach, Dr. Jones removes a larger are of skin (Figure 3). Type IV and V allow for even more loose skin to be removed, extending up to the umbilicus in Type IV (Figure 5) and above the umbilicus in Type V (Figure 6). Dr. Jones gives the patient the option to either save the old umbilicus and change its position if needed, or to create a brand new umbilicus. Type VI approach extends the skin excision around to the back and involves most tissue and skin removal.

Liposuction skin excision type one
Figure 1
Liposuction skin excision type two
Figure 2
Liposuction skin excision type three
Figure 3
Liposuction skin excision type four
Figure 4
Liposuction skin excision type five
Figure 5
Liposuction skin excision type six
Figure 6
No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck Advantages
No Drains.
After most Atlanta tummy tuck procedures, the surgeon inserts one or more surgical drains in the liposuction area to help prevent fluid buildup. The surgical drains are clear tubes placed through short incisions below the main incision. Each tube leads out of the body to a grenade size bulb that the patient needs to empty a few times a day. The drains should be kept in place as long as there is fluid buildup, 3-15 days, depending on the case. Obviously, the drains are cumbersome, painful, a source of discomfort, and a cause for additional scarring.
However, Dr. Jones does not need to use drains, a key advantage of his “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck”. A skilled and experienced surgeon, Atlanta tummy tuck expert Dr. Jones is able to preserve the lymphatic system and emphasize immediate control on bleeding during surgery, which is key to preventing post-operative fluid buildup. Dr. Jones accomplishes this with judicious use of the closed and open liposuction, solid probe ultrasound, and the special internal suture closure. Special post-operative compression garments are the only gear needed to help patient recover from the surgery.
Not having to deal with drains translates to several additional advantages. They include the following: increased mobility immediately after surgery; less pain from not having the drains inside the body for days, even weeks, and no need for the removal of them; less bleeding during and after surgery; reduced risk of hematoma (collection of blood outside the blood vessels; internal bleeding); less seroma (pocket of clear serous fluid); and finally, no scarring from the drain holes.
No Pains.
Obviously, not using drains eliminates the related pains. In addition, Dr. Jones takes advantage of his expertise in anesthesia, tummy tuck surgery techniques, and after care to minimize the pain and trauma during and after the tummy tuck operation. Using anesthesia to pre-empt pain is both scientific chemistry and an art form. From his physiologic studies at Oxford University in England, Dr. Jones learned the fundamentals of taking advantage of different local anesthetics. He uses a certain combination of anesthetics to cover the entire spectrum of pains expected over the Atlanta tummy tuck surgery and afterwards. Some act quickly and on the spot, whereas others over time, translating the pain into soreness, a more tolerable condition for the patient than an aching pain. Dr. Jones’ expert surgery techniques discussed above help minimize bruising, swelling, and trauma. After tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Jones applies special post- operative garments that help minimize swelling, ease mobility, and speed up healing.
In summary, the key benefits of the “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck” over the traditional abdominoplasty include the following:

  • Increased safety of the procedure
  • More comfortable for the patient
  • Minimizes blood loss during and after surgery
  • No need for blood transfusions during surgery
  • Increased mobility immediately after surgery
  • No overnight hospitalization (unless desired)
  • Minimizes fluid collections
  • Minimizes complications
  • No drains for patients to mess with at home
  • No drains causing pain
  • No drains to pull (a painful process itself)
  • Minimal swelling after surgery
  • Minimal pain after surgery
  • No permanent sutures to feel, nor to irritate
  • Minimal external scars
  • Natural, youthful improvement in the abdominal area

If you would like to get more information regarding Dr. Jones’ “No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck” technique or to schedule a consultation, please contact our Atlanta Tummy Tuck Specialists today.