Atlanta Blepharoplasty Testimonial

Eyelid Surgery Review

The elective surgery that I chose was upper eyelid surgery.

After thinking about it for a year, I decided that at 42 years, the surgery was the most effective preventative measure I could take against an aging face. I did not want to end up in a place where it was too late to get an exceptional result. I had started noticing looking at my photos that my eyelids had loosened significantly in the last few years, giving me a sleepy look even when I was not sleepy. Worse, I had started compensating for my droopy eyelids by crinkling my forehead to let more light in my eyes. This in turn facilitated the wrinkling of my forehead and eye area. I was doing this without thinking, making things worse for the entire face. Even some of my friends commented that I had a “worried” look when I did not. I looked worried because my forehead was telling so. Also, I wear contact lenses and concluded that taking them in and out twice a day by stretching the sensitive eyelid area had been a major facilitating factor. If I had the surgery, I would need to try putting them in and taking them out with as little pulling on the eyelids as possible. I could start afresh.

I chose Dr. Jones because I wanted someone with precision and experience. First, precision because I wanted to feel comfortable that the surgeon would not take out too much or in the wrong places, making me look different. I wanted to be in trusted hands that know exactly how to work my individual case. Second, experience is paramount to me. I did not want to be someone’s testing case or practice, rather, I wanted to rest knowing that the surgeon has been there and done it more than a few times. I did not want any surprises. I just wanted to turn the clock back ten years, to look younger, not different.

I had blepharoplasty surgery at Dr. Jones office under local anesthesia. It was truly an “easy in and easy out” surgery. My husband drove me to the office and took me back home. The entire procedure took less than two hours. Holly and Bella were most caring and considerate making sure I was comfortable the entire time. Dr. Jones’s credentials and his bedside manner earned my full trust in him. He even had a special technique to numb the surgery area; I barely felt the pinches. Also, Dr. Jones patiently answered all my questions and with the confidence he spoke about the process, alleviated all my concerns. He clearly knew what he was doing throughout the procedure.
I could not be more pleased about the results. I look younger, but not different in a negative way. The clock has been turned back.

In addition to the droopy eyelids gone, the skin around my eyes is less wrinkled. The emerging crow’s feet are almost gone and the skin just feels and looks younger. I credit these side effects to not just the surgery, but the skin care regimen Bella recommended for me before and after the surgery. With hesitancy I went with it (I used think no cream on the surface of the skin can reduce wrinkles) and now I am left a believer in Bella and Obagi.

Nobody has suspected I have had eyelid surgery which is what I desired. However, my husband keeps mentioning how the surgery made a difference, and a couple friends have commented on how great I look−and rested−even with a small baby.
All I can say I wish I had done this earlier, why did I hesitate?


I chose to have my upper eyelids lifted. I am in my mid thirties and already have noticed that my upper eyelids were drooping.

Although I could have probably waited another five or so years before having the procedure done, I thought it might be beneficial to go ahead and do it now to slow down the aging process. I began to notice fine lines around my eyes and especially on my forehead were popping up. I often found myself scrunching up my forehead as I opened my eyes more to have a better visual field. I also suffered from frequent migraines so I was hoping they too would decrease after the procedure.

I initially chose to see Dr. Jones because of his experience and background. The fact that he’s had his practice for over twenty years and comes so highly recommended made me want to schedule a consultation. When I met Dr Jones I immediately felt at ease and trusted him. He is such a friendly down-to-earth doctor who spent time getting to know me, and what I wanted to accomplish. I never felt rushed and he seemed so passionate about making sure I knew exactly what to expect and that I was well informed.

I was really nervous the morning of the surgery but I calmed down as soon as I arrived at the office. Holly and Bella were reassuring and confident, which eased my fears greatly. They walked me through every step of the way and it was over before I knew it! The fact that I had the procedure done in the office made it so convenient.

I couldn’t be happier with the result! I feel like my eyes are much more noticeable and I can’t believe how little of a scar is left. I used scar guard and just a fine line is noticeable if you look really hard when I don’t have any makeup on my eyes. I had to laugh because I had to learn how to put my makeup on again after the surgery. I used to have to use so much more when I hardly had eyelids that showed.

I love my eyes now. You can actually tell they are blue and are so much more vibrant.

My friends and family were really surprised at the difference the procedure made. They all are very impressed and my Dad, whom I inherited my eyes from, wants to have his done too!

It feels good to do something nice for yourself every once in awhile that helps you feel more confident, younger and energized!

*Disclaimer: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.