Atlanta Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Nose Job Review

After years of watching my nose worsen in shape and size, I had a rhinoplasty.

It was obvious that I had the unwanted nose of the family. With sharp sides of the nasal bone and an extremely pronounced end, I found myself being more and more self-conscious to smile. I had felt my nose become more apparent, especially in photographs. When comparing photos over the past ten years, it was clear that the problem was only getting worse. It bothered me more and more.

I did my research on the internet. Dr. Jones’ website provided me the information to know he had all the credentials I could ever desire in the surgeon, but that wasn’t enough to gain my trust. After meeting him, it was obvious he loves what he does and genuinely cares for his patients. Immediately, he felt like more than a doctor to me and more like a friend. He listened to all of my concerns and desires and patiently addressed them all. He helped me to understand exactly what to expect during the entire process. His confidence and professionalism allowed me to fully trust him and enjoy the experience I had previously feared.

The surgery was a breeze. Piedmont Hospital requires you to arrive two hours before surgery. For me, it was important to stay busy to keep my mind from racing during that time. Once I was called back, I met the anesthesiologist who was also spectacular. He instilled the same confidence Dr. Jones had allowed me in regards to his work. I simply relaxed and felt so well taken care of I couldn’t have asked for more. Dr. Jones came by and greeted me and I was unimaginably relaxed and ready to go.

When I came out of surgery I woke up with ice packs over my nose. I used the ice packs, a mild pain medication, vitamin K cream, and a Bromelain and Arnica combo pack (all available at Dr. Jones’ office) and was able to return to work on Monday from surgery on Friday.

I feel great. One year later, I still catch myself smiling at the sight of my nose.

My result looks so natural. Dr. Jones really listened to all of my concerns and adjusted MY nose rather than giving me someone else’s or a text book image of a ‘perfect’ nose.

Only the people I chose to tell are aware of it. Even they couldn’t believe it until they compared before and after images. My immediate family had not been supportive going in to surgery, but after seeing my result they are now considering surgery as well.

In society, plastic surgery is sometimes frowned upon and viewed as being fake. My experience has helped me to realize that concept is wrong. Plastic surgery can simply be enhancing what is already beautiful in a natural way. From my own research and viewing so many doctors’ before and after photos, I recognize not all plastic surgeons can achieve such a natural look Dr. Jones does. Again, this is why is it so important to find a surgeon who values your desired result and will listen!