Thermi Treatments

ThermiTight logoNow you can look better and feel better than ever before with Thermi Treatments. This cutting edge thermal technology tightens and rejuvenates without major surgery or long recovery periods. Thermi treatments use radio frequency to heat target areas just enough to get the desired results.

Wrinkles are smoothed away, skin is tightened and less saggy and you can finally say good-bye to that chicken-skin neck and bat-wing arms. With Thermi treatments you can laugh to your heart’s content and not worry about urinary leakage. Intimate moments become more enjoyable.

Thermi treatments are fast and depending on the treatment you choose, minimally or noninvasive. They are painless as well. In some instances, with just one treatment a month for three months you can look and feel years younger. Thermi does not create dramatic, unnatural looking changes in your appearance, it merely tightens and smooths the affected tissues giving you a refreshed more vigorous look. Results can be significant over the treatment period, and you will achieve a look you will love.

Thermi Treatments to Suit Your Needs

There are a variety of Thermi treatments to target specific concerns:

The days when sneezing or coughing could cause you sudden discomfort and embarrassment are over with ThermiVa. With this procedure tissues are tightened such that unexpected seepage is eliminated. ThermiSmooth tightens and shrinks loose areas so that wrinkles are smoothed out giving you a fresh, revitalized look. Waving goodbye and having your arms wave with you is never desirable. ThermiTight helps those batwings disappear. With just a few treatments your arms will look more youthful and toned.

What woman does not care to acquire a more youthful look? Thermi treatments help all women achieve a beautifully natural appearance while tightening and shrinking problem areas. Contact us today and make your appointment for Thermi treatments. You are going to be amazed with the results.