Atlanta Ear Reshaping

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is a nationally recognized and respected leader in ear reshaping plastic surgery and otoplasty. Ear reshaping is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can be used to reduce oblong or pointed shaped ears, reduce the size of earlobes or correct lop ears. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be used to correct prominent, or “big”, ears. With over 20 years of first class education and training and extensive experience in cosmetic ear surgery, Dr. Jones has earned a proven reputation nationwide.

Dr. Jones is double board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat: ENT). As such, he is uniquely qualified to perform a variety of types of reconstructive and cosmetic ear surgeries that take into consideration both the aesthetic features and the natural functionality of the ears.

Ear Reshaping Plastic Surgery

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia is your trusted source for expert ear reshaping plastic surgery. If you are currently unhappy with the appearance of your ears or if you have a child who needs ears reshaping, we can help. For adult patients, ear reshaping is commonly performed as in-office procedure. For children, these procedures are performed in an outpatient surgery setting using a general or local anesthetic. As each patient is different, Dr. Jones will develop an ear reshaping treatment plan that is tailored specifically for you. During your consultation, he will take the time to clearly explain your options and address any of your questions and concerns so that you feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

One visit to our plastic and reconstructive surgery practice and you will see why patients travel to Atlanta, Georgia from all over the country, and even the world, to receive care from gifted plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones.

Please contact our Atlanta Ear Reshaping Specialists today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jones or to get more information about ear reshaping or otoplasty. During your consultation, Dr. Jones will take the time to discuss your concerns and desires with you and thoroughly explain the details of the surgery. We look forward to serving you with expert plastic and reconstructive surgical care.