Gauged Earlobe Repair

If you have sacrificed your earlobes for what you now consider yesterday’s fashion, you may wish to reverse the damage. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones offers a procedure to repair gauged earlobes. Patients will experience the gold standard in ear treatment at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists.

Taking extreme measures to achieve a desired aesthetic is nothing new. However, undoing the damage when the fad has passed is not always so easily achievable. Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists provides patients with the option of repairing stretched earlobes with a fast, safe and effective procedure.

If you would like a consultation on gauged earlobe repair, Dr. Jones and his team are available to offer both nonsurgical and surgical solutions. If surgery is required, the procedure can be completed in around 30 minutes under anesthesia.

What Are Gauged Earlobes?

“Gauged earlobes” is the name given to earlobes that are stretched with adornments such as cylinders or plugs. Jewelry is increased in size over time to create larger holes, leaving the earlobes stretched out in shape and size. The process of reversing gauged earlobes can occur naturally, provided that holes are no greater in size than 6 millimeters.

If your earlobes have been stretched beyond the point where a natural reduction is an option, gauged earlobe repair is necessary. Dr. Jones can perform this simple and effective surgery at the offices of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. The surgery results in scarring that can be minimized when you trust your care to an accomplished plastic surgeon like Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones.

Are you regretting having gauged earlobes in Georgia? Reach out to the offices of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists for a pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Jones and his team. We offer effective and safe plastic surgery options to help repair the damage and return your earlobes to their natural size.