Atlanta Natural Uplift Advantages

Benefits of the NU Facelift

Dr. Jones’s Natural Uplift technique holds significant advantages over other facelift techniques. Dr. Jones believes the following are the key advantages of his method of facelift:

  1. The facelift scar is well hidden. Instead of behind the ear and under the jaw, Dr. Jones makes one small incision strategically positioned in front of the ear curves to accomplish the NU facelift. This strategic positioning allows Dr. Jones to accomplish maximum lifting with minimum scarring. The resulting scar is intentionally hidden in the creases in front of the ear, so it is barely noticeable. One would have to look closely for it after it has healed. Minimal or no scars are left behind the ear or on the neck.
  2. No scars on the neck. Pulling up only the facial skin is not sufficient in many cases. Often, most of the sagging skin is hanging under the jaw and around the neck. Ignoring these areas and only addressing the sagging facial skin does not bring about the desired outcome. Traditionally, liposuction and lifting of the neck area is done via a tiny incision under the chin. Dr. Jones has learned to improve the neck area via the same incision he uses to work under the facial skin. Combined with liposuction, he does not need to open the neck for the total improved look.
  3. Utmost detailing in customizing the surgery for the most natural outcome. NU facelift is not an assembly line procedure where one model fits all. It is not a mini-lift or a lunch lift. Each case is different, and the term NU facelift refers to the repertoire of unique skills and techniques Dr. Jones has mastered over the years. To accomplish the most natural-looking outcome, he tailors each NU facelift to the patient and her/his desires. Dr. Jones arranges a careful pre-operative discussion and examination of the facial area to design his approach for each patient.
  4. Flexibility. In most cases, NU facelift can be accomplished in the hospital under general anesthesia or in the office under local anesthesia. Both venues have their advantages and disadvantages, and Dr. Jones discusses this with his patients to make the final determination. Safety is always one of the key considerations, and whether the surgery is performed in the office or in the hospital, every choice is made for the ultimate safety of the patient. An office procedure can be easier to arrange and gives the patient the feeling of “walking in and out of the surgery”. On the other hand, a hospital procedure may take longer to schedule, but gives the feel of added security with more specialized hospital medical care with or without general anesthesia. The hospital setting makes sense with complex medical health issues.
  5. After-care is as easy and as comfortable as possible. From his years of experience and learning from the best, Dr. Jones achieves the NU facelift with minimal amount of dissection. For the patient, this implies a more comfortable recovery time. Minimal dissection implies less bleeding with fewer complications. Less dissection also translates into minimal bruising and downtime. Finally, as a result of Dr. Jones’ minimal skin dissection, drains are usually not needed. In other words, recovering from NU facelift is relatively easy and trouble-free.
  6. The result is low maintenance. A common dilemma in completing a successful facelift is lifting up the cheek pads from an incision behind the ear. Dr. Jones’ strategic incisions and surgical skill allow him to maneuver up above the cheek pads to elevate them to their earlier, youthful position. At the same time, lifting up the cheek pads pulls up and flattens the nasolabial folds. If nasolabial folds are not addressed surgically, they can be dealt with fillers after surgery. With NU facelift, fillers are optional, so there is no need for regular injections. In either case, the objective is to make the entire face look and feel balanced, instead of pulled in one area and still sagging in another.
  7. Safety is designed into every step of the surgery. The NU facelift approach is designed to optimize safety while pushing for the most natural look. As a result, risks are much less than other comparable facelift procedures. Generally, the severity and frequency of complications are directly related to the amount of skin dissection, the depth of the dissections, and the extent of undermining. The NU facelift allows for less dissection and cutting; therefore, less chance of bleeding, swelling, or risks of nerve injury. Dr. Jones believes the NU facelift is the safest type of facelift procedure available given its benefits.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the NU Facelift or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jones, please contact our Atlanta Natural Uplift Advantages Specialists today.