Dr. Jones Invisible Scar Technique (IST)

Dr. Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is pleased to offer his innovative and advanced Invisible Scar Technique (IST) for breast augmentation to patients in Atlanta and throughout the United States. Dr. Jones’ Invisible Scar Technique involves making a puncture-like short incision at the junction of the areola near the vertical axis of the breast. This allows for a minimal transverse dissection of the breast tissues to reach towards the bloodless retro pectoral muscle plane. The small incision scar generally heals inconspicuously and is hard to detect even by Dr. Jones 6-12 months post surgery.

To place the breast implant behind the breast muscle, Dr. Jones does not cut into the muscle or the fascia. Rather, he uses a special technique to temporarily relax the muscle fibers such that he can delicately spread them apart parallel to their axis. This allows him to slide the implant through the momentary opening he has created. Dr. Jones then places the implant behind the muscle, leaving the muscle attachments to the ribs intact. This approach supports the breast and the implant, preventing future drooping and bottoming out rather than promoting them. The bleeding is minimized because Dr. Jones does not cut into the muscle (Figure 4a for side view and 4b for frontal view).

Breast implant placing
Figure 4a
Breast implant placing
Figure 4b

Once the implant is in its initial place behind the breast muscle, IST allows Dr. Jones to shape the breast with precision during the procedure so that there are no surprises two weeks later. To accomplish this during the surgery, Dr. Jones places the sleeping patient in the upright position on the operating table. He then manually—using his own proprietary techniques—stretches the muscle fibers and manipulates the implant into the exact position and shape desired. Dr. Jones customizes this proprietary stretching of the inner muscle and manipulation of the implant for each patient. It accomplishes an individually beautiful breast to be shaped and the two breasts to be made more symmetrical. At the same time, IST maintains the integrity of the bottom part of the breast muscle that now supports the implant.

Figure 4b
In effect, with IST, Dr. Jones has created a semi-permanent natural breast bra (i.e. breast muscle all around the implant to support it). This built-in bra allows the patient more freedom from bras such as wearing a less supportive bra or bikini top or to going braless at times for a more natural look.

Unlike the traditional behind the muscle method, Dr. Jones’ method prevents drooping or ‘bottoming out’ of the breast. When IST is properly utilized, the breasts hold their lift much longer than the traditional muscle cutting or above the muscle breast augmentation techniques.

In conclusion, Dr. Jones has mastered a way to situate the implant all the way behind the breast muscle without cutting any of the muscle or fascia (Figure 4a for side view and 4b for frontal view). Instead of cutting through the muscle, Dr. Jones has discovered simple ways to relax certain areas of the muscle fibers so he can then confidently stretch them apart in order to press through the implant. No blood, no cutting into the muscle. Also, the implant is now set all the way behind the breast muscle, supported by the muscle from all the sides, including the bottom. This setting makes Dr. Jones’ breast augmentations essentially permanent, the muscle and the tight fascia supporting the implant do not give in like skin and breast tissue.

About the Invisible Scar Technique

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