Atlanta Plastic Surgeon – Frequently Asked Questions

Double Board Certified Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones

Where is the surgery performed?
The surgery is performed either in a hospital operating room or at our office under local anesthesia. Dr. Jones has operating privileges at several Atlanta hospitals, but most commonly uses the Piedmont Hospital facilities. The Piedmont Hospital operating facilities across the street connect to Dr. Jones’ office via an underground tunnel. Piedmont Hospital is the second largest private hospital in Atlanta. If the surgery is minor, and only local anesthesia is needed, then the operating room in the office is most appropriate.
Do the surgeries require an overnight stay in the hospital?
Most plastic surgery procedures are outpatient with the option of an overnight stay in the hospital.
How long has Dr. Jones been operating?
Dr. Jones has been operating since 1979—about 30 years—and started his private practice in Stanford, California in 1988. He moved to his native Atlanta in 1989.
Will there be scarring with plastic surgery?
There is always some scarring with any surgery. However, in plastic surgery, a skilled surgeon can effectively eliminate much of the scarring by employing the best techniques and approaches, while combining the art and science of the body physique with careful placing of the incisions so that they blend with natural wrinkles and curves. Dr. Jones has worked meticulously to perfect his techniques and skills so that in most of his cases, several months post surgery, the scars are hardly detectable.
When can I exercise after surgery?
We recommend light exercise after surgery. It is good to walk everyday after surgery, but not to the point of sweating. When you exercise to the degree that you perspire, you raise your blood pressure, which can cause complications. A good rule of thumb is to walk every day for three weeks, then gradually begin increasing the exercise from the third to sixth week, so that at the sixth week you are back to your regular exercise regimen. The body adapts well to slow change, but not to rapid change.
What kind of payment plans do you offer?
In addition to paying with a credit card, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C. has affiliations with several independent finance companies that specialize in financing surgeries. Our office manager or our patient coordinator can discuss these options with you in detail.

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