Why Choose Dr. Jones’ Invisible Scar Technique?

Why choose Dr. Jones’ Invisible Scar Technique (IST) for your breast augmentation surgery? You should choose this method because with IST, the scar is virtually invisible. Dr. Jones cannot detect the location of the incision 6-12 months post surgery in about 85% of the cases. In the remaining 15% of the cases, Dr. Jones has been able to find the scar, with difficulty. He assigns the credit to what he has coined the “Stanford stitching and the Paris trick”. Stanford stitching is a special way to close the incision so that the width of the scar is minimized. He picked it up while he was a resident at Stanford University. In Paris, he learned a trick that allows him to remove the stitches easily and painlessly, leaving the healed wound unaffected.

Another reason to choose IST is the fact that the implant is hardly felt or seen, and the wrinkling is minimal. The implant is fully covered by the muscle and fascia, which means that feeling the implant edges when touching or gently massaging the breast is hard. While wrinkling, also called rippling, is mostly an issue with implants placed on top of the breast muscle, visible wrinkling is possible even with implants behind the breast muscle. Dr. Jones has had minimal issues with implant wrinkling and credits that to 100% muscle coverage of the implant versus the traditional 70% coverage when the implant is placed inside the back of the muscle with an opening on the bottom. The way Dr. Jones manipulates the implant securely and tightly into the pocket he creates for it during the operation also prevents wrinkling.

Another advantage of IST is the fact that the breast muscle strength is not diminished. Since Dr. Jones does not damage the muscle by cutting it, its strength is retained. This is important since the muscle now acts as the internal, permanent bra for the implant. Maintaining full integrity of the breast muscle and having it surround the implant on all sides—including the bottom—allows the muscle to do its job supporting the new breast as naturally and effectively as it can.

With IST, the breasts do not droop or sag as fast, and hardly ever bottom out. 100% muscle support on all sides of the implant minimizes the risk of bottoming out. Also, the total muscle coverage creates an internal, built-in bra that holds the breast in a naturally elevated position, with the body’s own muscle strength. In fact, Dr. Jones has seen patients with IST implants that do not droop after 16 years, even after several pregnancies and breast-feeding.

The Invisible Scar Technique Advantages

The invisible scar technique holds several other advantages over other breast augmentation methods. With IST, breasts maintain their smooth appearance and feel. Since Dr. Jones’ method is essentially bloodless due to the fact that the muscles are not cut, there will be minimal internal scarring. Wherever a muscle is cut, a body forms a scar to repair it. Scar tissue is harder and less flexible than the muscle fiber and as it ages it tightens. When touching such an area, it feels as if there is a little nudge of something hard, not part of an optimal breast augmentation.

And, with IST, the risk of capsular contracture is minimized. Capsular contracture is the most common complication with breast implants. Dr. Jones’ approach minimizes the risk of capsular contracture in several ways. By minimizing bleeding, Dr. Jones minimizes the risks of a hematoma and scarring inside the breast. Scarring inside the breast tightens the area surrounding the implant, thus squeezing the implant and making it feel unnaturally firm. Hematoma can cause an inflammatory reaction that in turn can lead to capsular contracture. By using only the safest procedures at the highest levels of excellence, Dr. Jones prevents transient germ contaminations or infections, all considered major causes of capsular contracture.

With IST, the results are low maintenance. The patient can do regular mammograms and does not require any special X-ray regimen. Redos on Dr. Jones’ work are very rare (— in 30 years) and even any touch-ups are likely never needed. Neither is there a need to worry about leakage. Instead of using silicone implants, Dr. Jones chooses to use saline implants and they do not leak silicon.

Lastly, with IST, further breast lifts are possible. With Dr. Jones’ approach, the patient reserves the option to do a breast lift later if she so desires. However, with Dr. Jones’ work, breast lift is rarely needed or desired. On the other hand, when the implant is placed above the muscle, it makes future lifts difficult and more prone to complications.

If you would like to get more information about the advantages of Dr. Jones’ IST breast augmentation method or to schedule a consultation, please contact our Invisible Scar Technique Surgeon today.