Atlanta Breast Augmentation Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for everything! My experience with you, Dr. Jones and the staff was top notch. You all made me feel so comfortable through the whole process and I sincerely appreciate it. From my first phone call to schedule the consultation, I knew I had selected the best. As I told my husband, from day 1, all of you made me feel like I was special:)

Thank you again and please thank everyone else too! I’ll see you on October 20 for my appointment.


I am a 36-year-old athletic woman who recently had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. I had been wavering back and forth for about a year as to whether to go through with having the procedure. I love working out and the weight I have lost over time seemed to have dropped straight from my chest! It got to the point where I was nervous about exercising too hard for fear of losing more weight and becoming even less curvy. So I decided to go for it!

I had heard about Dr. Jones through a friend of mine who had had a breast augmentation done by him a few years ago. Not only did she give rave reviews, but I also got to see her result first hand. One of my greatest concerns was a natural look and feel. I didn’t want it to be obvious I had work done. My friend insisted Dr. Jones was the Surgeon to see and after witnessing how happy she was, and her incredible result, I was motivated. So I scheduled a consultation and was very excited and confident that I was at the right place. Dr. Jones spent a lot of time with me answering every question I had and he was so friendly and patient! I was really impressed with his Invisible Scar Technique and the little downtime that would be required for healing. The girls in the office, Holly and Bella, were also very helpful. They were so patient and asked a lot of questions to help me figure out the exact right size of implant for my body and lifestyle.

My procedure was performed at The Center for Plastic Surgery. I found it to be a little less intimidating than a hospital setting. Everyone I came in contact with was again very warm and competent which helped to relieve my nerves. It was a very good thing I felt I was in good hands, because I have to admit I get anxious when going under anesthesia.

It has been three weeks since my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. I’m healing at a fast rate and have little swelling left and my bruising is almost completely gone. I have taken the vitamins they recommended and really feel they have helped because I’m shocked at how fast my body is recovering. They teach about massaging which also appears to really make a difference as I already notice how much softer they feel. My family and friends who know I had the procedure can’t get over how natural they look. But what they notice most is how thrilled I am. I have curves again!! As I mentioned above, I love being active so, I’m excited to be able to workout to my heart’s content without any negative side effects! Having a breast augmentation with Dr. Jones is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I’ve always been such a big believer in being healthy and exercising to maintain my body and appearance, but a little surgery can go a long way in motivating your efforts to continue your focus!