Wrinkles… Cause and Effect

8th March 2021
Botox Injections Atlanta GA

Are wrinkles a sign of youthfulness long gone or an artistic playing field of expressions? it may be a little of both. Have you ever wondered why we get wrinkles on the face and not on the forearm or leg?

The reason behind this has to do with an incredibly unique relationship that the facial muscles have with the skin of your face. Our muscles contract, pulling on our skin, allowing us to make facial expressions that are so important to communication. But this comes with a cost, and that cost is wrinkling. These wrinkles form at the tension lines where muscles contract.

It is All About the Layers on the Face

With every other epidermis (top layer of skin) on the body, such as the thigh, the skin is on top of three other layers connecting our bones to our muscles, including one extra layer called the facia. But on the face exclusively, the top layer of skin is attached from bone to the muscles minus a layer. On the body, however, a combination of one extra gliding layer and the muscles attaching bone to bone causes the wrinkle free areas.

If you are up to it, you can help this chin droop by contracting the neck muscles. This is a simple exercise. Lift your chin toward the ceiling while moving your jaw forward. You will feel a little tightening under your chin. As your neck extends, the muscles in front relax while the side muscles get a workout. Hold for five seconds then repeat the movement 10 times.

Botox Injections

Dr. Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists can help with the signs of aging. One of his offerings is Botox®. This is a minimally invasive option for wrinkles, and it does not involve tedious chin exercises.  This cosmetic procedure works by injecting the Botox into facial muscles, thus causing partial and temporary paralysis, which leaves the muscles partially unable to contract. This lessens their tug on parts of the facial skin, which creates wrinkles.

To have a consultation with Dr. Mark Jones at his Atlanta offices, call (404) 355-3566. During your visit, you may discuss your cosmetic options like Botox or Mini Facelift.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.