Brookhaven Tummy Tuck

Woman's tummyIf you have a “spare tire” or a growing “muffin top,” you understand the struggle of trying to achieve a flat stomach. Even with diet and exercise, it can be difficult to get those sexy abs that most people desire. Age, pregnancy, weight loss and hormonal changes can all affect the midsection. Excess fat and skin with stretched abdomen muscles can create a flabby tummy. Abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck, is the plastic surgery solution to addressing the midsection. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer advanced tummy tuck methods for a beautiful, flat stomach with less pain or discomfort for our patients from Brookhaven.

When many people think of a tummy tuck, they imagine a woman trying to get back her youthful stomach after pregnancy. While that is one reason a tummy tuck is performed, there are many other reasons both men and women seek a flatter tummy. Weight loss is one of the most common reasons for both genders. Excessive weight loss can leave loose skin and stretched muscles that will not tighten without surgery. Age and weight gain are also common reasons, often in tandem, that our patients seek an abdominoplasty.

A tummy tuck is used to remove excess fat, tighten the muscles in the abdomen and tighten or remove excess skin. However, not everyone needs all three of these components. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones uses six different types of tummy tuck procedures to address different levels of problems in the midsection. While some patients have good skin and muscle tone, needing only liposuction to remove fat, others may need extensive amounts of skin removed, the muscles tightened and liposuction. Dr. Jones does not believe in cookie-cutter procedures; while he offers six types of tummy tucks, each surgery is tailored to the needs of the patient for personalized results.

Advanced Abdominoplasty Techniques

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has the distinction of being one of the leading experts of liposuction in the country. Since liposuction is an elemental component of almost all abdominoplasty procedures, it was a natural progression for Dr. Jones to become an expert in this procedure as well. Dr. Jones studied in Paris, France, under the father/inventor of liposuction, Dr. Yves Illouz. He has used his knowledge to forge his own innovations in liposculpture, as well as the tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Jones has coined his abdominoplasty procedures as the No-Drain, No-Pain Tummy Tuck for the specialized approach he uses for these surgeries. Drains are used in both liposuction and tummy tuck procedures – a small outlet that siphons off excess fluid into a bulb the patient must wear for days to weeks after their procedure. These drains are uncomfortable, inconvenient and can cause other complications. Dr. Jones has eliminated the need for a surgical drain after his liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries for fewer risks for the patient as well as lessened discomfort.

While it can be expected that there will be discomfort after any surgery, Dr. Jones has created methods to reduce pain for his tummy tuck patients. A combination of surgical technique, anesthesia use and other pain control methods can limit pain, downsizing pain to soreness. This can be a great relief to patients and help them recover quicker.

A tummy tuck can change how you feel about your body, giving you more self-confidence to enjoy life to the fullest. If you live in Brookhaven and are ready to start your journey to a flatter, toned midsection, contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today. Ask for a private consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones to learn more about his No-Drain, No-Pain Tummy Tuck for a rejuvenated abdomen.