Cosmetic Surgery For Scars in Atlanta

Skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, is pleased to offer expert cosmetic surgery designed to eliminate or hide scars caused by car accidents, dog bites, accidents at work and more. Most trauma-induced cuts, abrasions, and deformities can be hidden with a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures that are covered by insurance. Though no scar can be completely removed, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones can decrease the visibility of a scar with scar excision and certain injectable medications. Facial surgical options include using grafts or flaps of skin from other parts of the body and Z-plasty.

Scar Revision Surgery

As a highly trained and experienced, double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jones is uniquely qualified to perform all different types of scar revision surgeries including skin grafting and Z-Plasty. If you have bothersome or unsightly scars on your face or body, we can help. Using these advanced procedures, Dr. Jones can restore your skin and your confidence.

A skin graft is a procedure wherein a healthy piece of skin is taken from one area of the body and transferred to another. A skin flap is a larger section of living tissue, which carries its own blood supply, and is used in the same way as a graft. The decision to use either grafts or flaps is determined by the extent of the trauma and the size of the scar being covered up.


Z-plasty is a procedure that involves several small zigzagging incisions that hide a scar along skin tension lines. A simple redirection of the central limb can make these lines nearly invisible. The redistribution of tension on the wound can be very helpful when trying to remove a contracted scar or a scar that sits in a visible part of the body. Administering multiple Z-plasties can break larger scars into smaller units, making the scar less noticeable.

Contact our Atlanta Cosmetic Surgery For Scars Practice today if you’re interested in reducing the signs of scarring with cosmetic scar revision surgery. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Jones will discuss your condition one-on-one and arrive at a tailored treatment plan you are comfortable with. We look forward to serving you with expert, cosmetic scar revision therapy.