Duluth Liposuction

Sitting woman's body contourLiposuction is one of the top procedures performed in the plastic surgery field in the U.S., landing in the top five in frequency for many years. It is used to complement other procedures like facelifts but is primarily used for body sculpting to remove excess fat. If you live in the Duluth, GA area, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists offers the latest advances in liposculpture techniques for excellent results.

Liposuction essentially removes fat from under the skin to reduce the size and reshape certain areas on the body. There are many different types of equipment that can be used to achieve fat removal, but studies have shown it is not the type of equipment but the skill of the surgeon that impacts results. There are skills that cannot be replaced with equipment to achieve an improved appearance with less chance of complications; skills and experience that plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has obtained in over twenty years in practice.

Dual board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has earned a reputation as a liposuction expert with decades of work in this field. His training began in the 1980’s when he trained under the inventor of liposuction, Dr. Yves Illouz, in Paris, France. He used the knowledge and skills he learned from Dr. Illouz to perfect the procedure to minimize discomfort for his patients while achieving optimal results. His no-drain liposculpture offers a better experience for the patient through recovery and improved healing to reduce the risk of complications.

Reduce Size and Sculpt Your Body

Liposuction is best used as an aid to achieving a svelte or fit body, not as a weight loss method. Patients that are excellent candidates for this procedure have a few specific qualities. Good skin tone or elasticity is important to reduce imperfections in the skin surface after the fat is removed. Liposuction is also best for areas that are located on the central portions of the body, like the torso, hips, legs and upper arms. The best use of liposuction is to transform specific spots that are disproportionate in size or fat accumulation to the rest of the body; outer thighs, abdomen bulges and fat under the chin are examples of this.

While liposuction can be performed by almost any plastic surgeon, results vary based on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has one of the best reputations for his liposculpture results due to his extensive skill and experience in this procedure. Over twenty years of practice and perfecting techniques are the reasons for his exceptional results.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones approaches each liposuction procedure differently depending on the patient. Many different factors determine whether he uses open or closed liposuction and how he performs the procedure. His proprietary Jones/Illouz liposculpture technique focuses on preserving the deep layer of fat that is necessary for optimal healing. He uses tiny incisions that are carefully placed to reduce visible scars and minimizes discomfort for his patients with his no-drain technique. Unlike many other plastic surgeons, Dr. Jones does not need to leave a drain in the surgical area that the patient must live with for several days after surgery. His technique reduces the fluid buildup, allowing the site to heal without a drain. This improves the recovery process and reduces the chance of complications that can occur with less experienced plastic surgeons.

If you live in Duluth, GA, and have been considering liposuction to sculpt your body, consider choosing the leading expert in the Atlanta area – Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones. Contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists to schedule your consultation to determine if liposculpture is right for you.