Woman's tummyDuluth Tummy Tuck

Many factors can change the appearance of your stomach, making it difficult to have the figure you desire. Age, weight loss, pregnancy and hormonal changes can impact how and where your body retains body fat in the abdomen. When diet and exercise cannot achieve the flatter stomach you want, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be the best option for giving you a tighter, smaller midsection. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we are the local experts in the Duluth, GA, area for abdomen transformations.

Both men and women can struggle to lose weight or fat in their midsection. Even with lifestyle changes, tightening skin and muscle in this noticeable area can be difficult. Once the skin and muscles are stretched, they may not rebound back to their youthful taut appearance. Tummy tucks remove the extra fat deposits and use surgical methods to transform the skin and abdomen wall. This can result in a tighter, flatter stomach for a more sculpted midsection.

Not all tummy tuck procedures are the same. There are many different methods used for fat removal and tightening the tissue and skin in this area. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is an experienced plastic surgeon with specialized skill and expertise in liposuction and abdominoplasty, offering advanced methods to transform the midsections of our patients. His No-Drain, No-Pain Tummy Tuck is highly effective in creating a beautiful new abdomen with quicker recovery and less trauma than many other tummy tuck procedures.

Excellent Tummy Tuck Results

With all plastic surgery procedures, the most important aspect for patients is the results they receive. While many plastic surgeons offer a tummy tuck procedure at their practices, few have the extensive experience and expertise that Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones can offer to create excellent results. He has spent over twenty years perfecting his liposuction and tummy tuck methods to improve the results for our patients, achieving a tighter tummy, less scarring and a quicker, more comfortable recovery.

Tummy tucks usually involve up to three different aspects of plastic surgery. Almost all abdominoplasty procedures will require liposuction to remove excess fat. Many patients will also need to have extra skin removed and tightened. Plus, if the muscles in the abdomen wall are flabby, they can require tightening with sutures to regain a flat stomach. Dr. Jones offers six different levels of tummy tucks using these three surgical options to various levels to give our patients exceptional results.

The No-Drain, No-Pain Tummy Tuck is Dr. Jones’ signature abdominoplasty procedure. The “no-drain” aspect refers to the lack of a surgical drain after the procedure. Most liposuction or tummy tuck patients must have a drain inserted to allow extra fluid to leave the surgical site. This drain may need to be worn for days, even weeks after the surgery. Dr. Jones’ method eliminates the need for this drain, resulting in less discomfort and complications for our patients.

The “no-pain” portion of Dr. Jones’ tummy tuck procedure refers to his advanced methods for pain control. His experience in using anesthesia and other pain management techniques help our tummy tuck patients heal quicker with less discomfort. It is important to Dr. Jones that his patients get exceptional results with the least amount of pain possible, enhancing the experience.

If you live in Duluth or the greater Atlanta area, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is your source for excellence in plastic surgery. Contact our office today for an appointment and come see us if you are considering liposuction or a full tummy tuck to flatten your stomach for an improved shape and figure. We offer the most advanced options and best results for our tummy tuck patients.