Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists Now Offers QuickLift Face Lift

February 2013 Press Release

In Atlanta, plastic surgery can always be found with the practiced hands at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. And now, Dr. Jones has been certified by QuickLift to perform the exciting and innovative mini-facelift procedure.

As of January, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jones, is offering the QuickLift Face Lift procedure to tighten and lift the mid and lower regions of the face. Individuals who want to look younger with minimal downtime and invasiveness can visit the doctor at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists. This procedure is significantly different from traditional face lifts and adds to the overall catalogue of operations Dr. Jones performs.

QuickLift has shortened both the surgery time and recovery time of the traditional facelift by focusing on this customized form of a mini-facelift. Atlanta men and women can take advantage of this procedure to get rid of wrinkles in the cheeks, neck, and jawline. This procedure is most effective for patients in their 40s and can have a rejuvenating effect caused by removing the appearance of sagging tissue around the neck and checks.

Based in Atlanta, plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has said, “The QuickLift procedure is a marked improvement over previous targeted facelifts, and it gives more noticeable results with less invasive suturing.”

Dr. Jones has years of industry experience and has mastered a number of techniques involving the facelift as well as microtiarepair. He has even developed his own procedure known as the NU Facelift. This new procedure is just one of many that Dr. Jones offers to his patients.

Those who have been noticing wrinkles or loose facial tissue more often may want to consider talking to a board certified surgeon about getting a mini or full facelift. Atlanta residents can take advantage of the QuickLift, which was invented in 2003, as an alteration to the S-lift procedure. A few small incision will be used to access the facial tissue, where facial purse-string sutures will work to hold the muscles of the face in a tighter, higher position. This results in the flesh of the face pulling tighter and smoothing out wrinkles along the jawline and neck. Facelifts have been recorded as early as 1912, but today’s modern procedures can create dramatic transformations, while leaving almost invisible scars.

Traditional facelifts are an involved procedure that often require a significant period of recovery time. While they are effective in fully treating the wrinkles of the face, some individuals may only want help with the lower portion. Several have found the QuickLift to be the solution and Dr. Jones is excited to offer this procedure to those in Atlanta. Face lift surgery is a serious decision, patients should always research both the operation and the doctor thoroughly.

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