Breast Augmentation Near Roswell GA

Atlanta Breast Surgery

When you are pleased with your appearance, it can have a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence. If you are self-conscious about the size or shape of your breasts, it can diminish how you feel about yourself. You may not feel comfortable wearing certain clothes or try to enhance your chest with push-up bras. Breast augmentation can give you the larger, sexy breasts you have always wanted, gaining you the self-confidence to enjoy life to its fullest.

At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we have helped many women achieve the shape they have desired through no-scar breast implants. Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, has performed breast augmentation for our patients from Roswell, Alpharetta and throughout the Atlanta area. His expertise and many years of practice make him one of the most sought after surgeons in the area when it comes to this delicate procedure.

When altering your appearance through surgery, you want to ensure you choose the best plastic surgeon for the procedure you choose. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones has over twenty years of experience and an extensive amount of training, with credentials and a reputation that are prestigious in the plastic surgery field. For breast augmentations, Dr. Jones uses the most advanced methods for stunning results, using the invisible scar technique (IST) that is considered the best method for beautiful, long-lasting breast augmentations.

Breast Implants with No Scar

The IST is only used by the most experienced and talented plastic surgeons. The technique effectively hides the scars from the surgery, making them virtually invisible. Even Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones admits he cannot see the scars once they heal on most of his breast augmentation patients, even when he knows exactly where the incisions are located. But it is not just the invisible scar that makes this method the preferred method for breast implants – the careful placement and shaping of the breasts also impacts the results.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones uses a bloodless surgery method with the IST that reduces risk during and after surgery while promoting quicker healing. The small incisions he makes only cut the skin to access the muscle and fascia tissue underneath. The muscle is never cut, which is why it is considered a “bloodless” surgery. During the augmentation, he uses his specialized technique to carefully insert the implants behind the muscle of the breast. He then shifts and manipulates the implants into the desired shape, ensuring the breasts are symmetrical for the best appearance.

Using the IST and his other proprietary methods, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones creates beautiful breasts that are less likely to sag or droop. The support of the muscle keeps the implants in place with 100 percent coverage by the muscle and fascia tissue. This creates a natural appearance with excellent support so the implants stay in place. Unlike some other breast implant procedures, the patients with new breasts from Dr. Jones rarely need a touch-up or additional surgeries down the road. His methods reduce the chance of any complications while achieving excellent results that last for many years.

If you have decided you want to explore breast augmentation, it is important to find a plastic surgeon you can trust in the Roswell area. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is one of the top plastic surgeons in Georgia, with extensive experience and training in the most advanced methods in the plastic surgery field. You will be in excellent hands, whether you want to undergo breast augmentation or any of the other surgical options we offer.

Contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones to learn more about the no-scar breast implant procedure we offer. Your visit with Dr. Jones could be the first step to finally achieving the curvy breasts and shape you have always wanted.