ThermiSmoothStress, pollutants and general fatigue can make you look old and haggard beyond your years. Generally, for most people, undoing the damage caused by such influences, surgery was the answer. Not anymore with Termi treatments. ThermiSmooth is a new technology which uses radio frequency and thermal energy to achieve astounding results in just a few treatments.

Totally noninvasive, ThermiSmooth treatments leave your face looking and feeling youthful and smooth. Forehead wrinkles are diminished, bags under the eyes are removed. Your cheeks look fuller and better defined. The area around your mouth will no longer have the fine wrinkles that make your lips look old. Give your neck the youthful look that you desire to have with a few ThermiSmooth treatments.

Non-Invasive Dermal Remodeling

Collagen is stimulated as a handheld device is used to remodel the tissue. The innovative device uses dermal heating to gently bring the skin to a higher temperature. Radio frequency and thermal energy target the areas to be smoothed. As the skin heats up the transformation takes place. This painless procedure will leave you looking refreshed and revived. It can be used to target areas around the neck, mouth, cheeks and eyes.

ThermiSmooth is also used in remodeling the way your body looks. It can provide a temporary reduction of cellulite from head to toe. Not just for the face and neck, ThermiSmooth can also be used to smooth out just about any area where cellulite has developed including your breasts, abdomen, buttocks, knees, ankles and more. Depending on the areas being targeted, you will receive anywhere from 3 to 6 ThermiSmooth treatments. You will not have to worry about downtime. This treatment is precise, noninvasive gentle therapy. Many of the patients who receive ThermiSmooth treatments report that it feels similar to receiving a warm massage.

Get the ThermiSmooth treatment for the problem areas of your body and find out just how much better you can look. Contact Atlantic Plastic today for more information and make your consultation appointment.