ThermiVa – Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa - Vaginal RejuvenationThere are several reasons why a woman may choose Thermi treatments. If you have given birth to children, you are aware of the changes that have taken place in your vaginal area. Child birth leaves your stretched and looser than you were before. ThermiVa can rejuvenate the area making it tighter and suppler. After ThermiVa treatments, you will enjoy intimacy more than before. ThermiVa takes over when Kegel exercises are just not enough.

ThermiVa Addresses Post-Menopausal Issues

After menopause the mature body experiences changes that can make regular life routine inconvenient and in some cases uncomfortable. Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause problems. Coughing or sneezing – even laughing can make for embarrassing moments due to urinary leakage. Doing your Kegel exercises can only do so much to strengthen weak muscles. Using pads is one way to address the problem, but even that does not diminish the toll such a condition can take on your ability to enjoy yourself or feel comfortable around others. Pads do not solve the problem. ThermiVa does.

Radio frequency technology makes it possible to target the areas that need treatment and shrink the tissues back to a more effective state. ThermiVa corrects the changes that cause post-menopausal women to become incontinent. Intimacy also becomes more desirable after ThermiVa treatment. Patient reviews testify to the success of treatment and the huge difference it can make in your life.

ThermiVa treatment is minimally invasive. A probe is used on targeted areas and you may feel a little heat, but the procedure is not painful. Shrinking the labia and tightening vaginal muscles can enhance your levels of pleasure during moments of intimacy. The procedure also eliminates urinary leakage. Many women notice a change in the look and feel of the area after the first treatment; however, three sessions are needed to reach the optimum level of change.

Change the way you feel, physically and mentally with ThermiVa. Do not let incontinence keep you from enjoying good times from friends. Enjoy your moments of intimacy and feel young again. Contact Atlanta Plastic for more information about ThermiVa.