Acne Scar Treatment

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 21st August 2017

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young womanAcne is a common skin problem for millions of Americans each year. Adolescents, teens, and adults all suffer from acne breakouts, some of which are severe cases that leave behind visible scars on the facial skin. Acne scars often make people feel very self-conscious about their appearance, and for those with severe scarring it can hamper their personal and professional lives. Scars are a natural occurrence to the amazing healing property of the human skin, and while some scars have a great story behind them, acne scars represent blemishes that people wish they could forget.

Dermabrasion is an excellent facial procedure that provides non-invasive treatment to help patients successfully lessen the appearance of acne scars. Dermabrasion removes damaged cells on the top layers of the skin to unveil softer, healthier skin below. This procedure encourages the growth of new skin cells, and it is an ideal choice for both men and women. It can be used to treat small and large skin surface areas, helping to erase painful reminders of the past.

Dermabrasion is a procedure in which a diamond wheel with rough edges is used to damage the upper layers of the skin. The skin is a living organ, and dermabrasion wounds the skin in order to promote new skin cells to replace the damaged skin. Each procedure is dependent upon the depth and severity of a person’s acne scars to determine how coarse the diamond wheel is, how fast it spins, how much pressure is applied to the skin, and how long the procedure lasts.

While dermabrasion is considered to be a non-invasive procedure, the areas that are going to be treated will need a local anesthetic for numbing the skin. Patient comfort is a top priority for Dr. Jones, to ensure that the highest level of treatment is given. Ice packs are placed on the skin for up to 30 minutes to allow the skin to “firm up” before the procedure. Small areas are treated at a time, with careful attention to apply gauze to stop any bleeding and to apply an ointment and clean dressing.

The healing time after a dermabrasion procedure will be determined by the treatment size and intensity of the procedure. In most cases, the new skin grows back within a week’s time; it will be pink to reddish, but will fade within a few weeks. Once the skin fully recovers, acne scars will be much less noticeable and the facial skin will have a smoother, healthier appearance.

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