Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Enhance Your Life

By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 16th March 2022

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Woman Wearing Bra After Corrective Breast Surgery Atlanta GA

Are you considering Atlanta breast augmentation surgery to enlarge your breasts because you are unsatisfied with their size and shape? Maybe your breasts lost their good form due to weight loss, age or pregnancy. If so, you are not alone.

Or, perhaps you just had a mastectomy and want to reconstruct your breasts to what they were like before the cancer diagnosis. Breast augmentation surgery has enhanced the lives of many women in these situations, and it can enhance your life, too.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons figures, breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure in North America, with 287,085 patients undergoing surgery in 2019. The number dips to 193,073 in 2020 because of coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, but the organization expects it to rise again this year.

Why Are Breast Implants So Popular?

Breast implants are popular because getting them is a safe and relatively simple procedure that adds volume to your bosom, making many women feel more confident with their appearance. The implants can also improve the shape and profile of the breasts. Overall, the procedure can give the body a more balanced overall appearance.

An American Society of Plastic Surgeons study reported:

  • 92% of the participating women indicated improved self-esteem after getting breast implants.
  • 64% of them declared an improved quality of life thanks to their new ample bosom.
  • 86% said they felt self-conscious about their breasts before their surgery, but this percentage dropped to only 13% after their surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery can have a profound impact, transforming the way you see yourself and even the way others see you because of your newfound poise.

Clothes Fit Better

Breast implants present you with a world of new wardrobe options. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find clothes that fit well when you have small or asymmetrical breasts (a common occurrence). This is because the average blouse or dress is made to accommodate a C-cup bust. While padded bras and other tricks are a temporary, short-term solution, breast augmentation surgery is the long-term fashion solution.

Symmetrical Down to the Nipple

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones will make sure even your nipples are symmetrical, not just your overall breasts. In addition, he can correct any aesthetic imperfections during breast augmentation surgery to ensure there is no difference between the two breasts.

A Natural-Looking Enhancement to your Silhouette

If you are hesitant, worrying that the breast enhancement will look unnatural and people will look at you funny, don’t be. Dr. Jones is a highly skilled breast implants plastic surgeon who can recommend the perfect shape and size to enhance your silhouette and compliment your figure without overdoing it.

Dr. Jones has years of first-hand experience and extensive training in world-leading plastic surgery research hospitals. Together, you will determine an approach that best creates your desired results. Schedule a consultation with our Atlanta Breast Augmentation Surgeon today and let breast augmentation surgery enhance your life!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.