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By Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 17th March 2021

  Filed under: Body Contouring, Fat Transfer/Grafting

Woman's Body Ready For Plastic Surgery

How does removal of stubborn fat in an unappealing part of your body and replacing it in an area that you would appreciate added fullness sound? Dr. Mark Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is your reliable, skilled source for cosmetic fat transfer, or liposuction. You may have questions regarding the outcome or what this procedure will incur. But before signing up, it is important to do your research and choose a qualified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Jones. He brings years of experience and a keen artistic eye to the table and can let you know exactly how to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Georgia Fat Grafting

Fat transfer, or grafting, is done to relocate excess fat from areas in the body such as the thighs, hips and abdomen and replace it to other areas, like the face. The aim is to help patients attain a plumper outcome in the smile lines or lips. You have the option to rid your middle or other problem areas and help other places. This is a permanent solution to a subjective problem, but without all the down time of a large surgery.

As you age, gravity leaves its mark. Your skin thins and becomes lax and saggy. Underlying soft tissue declines. This loss of youthful volume results in a flattening effect, including skin that can hang down.

A Cheeky Solution

Fat transfer helps to bring back a balance of a more youthful you that includes some volume in specific areas of the face or other areas. This is attained by inserting the fat to bring out assets elsewhere. The highly skilled team at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists can guide you through the process and show you real pictures of some previous outcomes.

Call Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today if you are interested in fat transfer, or liposuction.  Dr. Jones will be happy to walk you through an in-depth consultation regarding the benefits of liposuction.

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