Your Chin Could be the Reason You Dislike Your Facial Profile

13th May 2022
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You might not realize it, but your chin could be why you dislike your facial profile. Accordingly, the aesthetic result of bringing your chin into proportion with the rest of your face can be surprisingly dramatic and satisfying. For this reason, chin enhancement surgery (genioplasty) is prevalent; a chin implant can give you a well-defined jawline structure, improving facial harmony.

What is a Chin Implant?

Genioplasty entails a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Mark Jones placing a chin implant around your chin bone to improve the contour of the chin and jawline. The implant augments your chin’s size, projection and shape, bestowing you with a natural-looking balance between facial features.

A chin implant strengthens a weak chin, the feature often responsible for a disproportionate profile. A recessed chin can create a lack of definition between your jaw and neck. It can also make your nose look bigger or throw other facial features out of whack.

More Reasons to Consider Getting a Chin Implant

After genioplasty, you will feel more confident with your appearance. Your face will look better from all angles. For some, it also minimizes the prominence of chin dimpling or a double chin and jowls caused by a small chin bone.

Another significant benefit is that the surgery is a relatively simple procedure that delivers permanent results.

Combining Genioplasty with Other Cosmetic Procedures

For best results, you might want to include a neck lift or nose surgery with your chin implant procedure. Combining cosmetic procedures is sometimes necessary to ensure optimal balance to the whole facial profile. Some of the most popular combinations include chin augmentation with:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Neck lift
  • Neck liposuction
  • Cheek implants
  • Facelift

Performing multiple procedures simultaneously gives you more dramatic results while only dealing with one recovery period. Dr. Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists thoroughly understands how to harmonize the relationship between the different facial features. Furthermore, he is a highly skilled surgeon and chin implant expert serving patients from Georgia and worldwide.

Learn More About Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists’ Chin Implants Today

If you are interested in enlarging or scaling down the size of your chin, don’t hesitate to contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jones will patiently listen to your wishes and help you determine how to attain your desired results.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.